50 Teslas shred the race track | Tesla Corsa 2019

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My name is Ben Shafer. I run unplugged performance and we’ve also been putting on these Tesla course events Tesla Corsa is basically an opportunity for Tesla owners who daily drive their car to go on a racetrack and experience the full dynamics of their car in a safe environment we started testing the course out last year and the idea was more of an experiment to see who would come out and drive the car in the racetrack and we knew it might be kind of a scary thing for some owners because people think racing is dangerous so we wanted to create a safe environment of only Tesla nor it’s all going at the same pace learning from each other we’ve seen on the internet so many reactions about drag racing and stoplight racing and all this stuff and we all know the Tesla’s fast but it’s really interesting to have people get an opportunity to drive the car fast around corners learn how the car breaks and how perform it as a complete vehicle so for a lot of people they can’t do this on public road there’s no place where they can take a corner at 100 miles an hour or experience braking in a safe environment the least so you know the nature of it is that people are leaving the track after recession just really surprised and excited about how great their car is and learning a lot about themselves and how their driving skills either are good or how they can improve it for just the course loved one we had about 15 drivers out there here we have 50 and were sold out and of the first 15 the event one about 80 percent came back for the second one one of the origins of Tesla Corsa was that we rented out this track to test our suspension products and we had the full track to ourselves and obviously found it was a lot of fun but also learned about our product development being out here on track and through that experience we wanted to have more people come out and enjoy the track day and naturally with our business everything we do is designed to make the car be more effective at whatever it does in this case around the racetrack running faster laps we’re already starting the plan testing the course of three and our goal is to have it go international not just across the US but internationally as well the best way for us to do that is to learn where the demand is and where the drivers are so we have a website Tesla Corsa calm and if you go on there and fill out your information we’ll learn that you’re interested in where you’re located and for us we just need enough drivers in different cities around the world and we’ll keep doing these as many times as we can

As found on Youtube