ALL the Secret TESLA EASTER EGGS Revealed!

There goes the doors there right guys we found out how to access almost all of the Easter eggs better in the Tesla Model X so today we wanted to make a video and show you Tesla Model X Easter eggs and then of course you know I pushed my foot on the brake and the door just closes by itself that’s a no Easter Egg but every time I do it I’m happy about it seat belt alright so here’s the deal guys when we first got the Tesla Model X we were driving down to st. George Utah and I was pulling back on the autopilot button and I pulled on it four times and it started doing this crazy rainbow road thing I was dying laughing I put it on Twitter a lot of you guys came out and said it’s Easter Egg okay so Instagram story well he also sucks he’s in the car never mind he’s totally right so we did that and we learned that there are a bunch of Easter eggs but the problem is I could never access them I looked online there were tutorials on how to do it but all of them were outdated because it seemed like those Easter eggs just popped up at certain random times well Tesla has done something I don’t know if this is for everybody but they have made it so you can access a bunch of the Easter eggs right from your screen so we’re gonna show you that process so first take a look at this Tesla logo this is how you look at all of your updates we touch that it shows the Tesla but then watch this one three four five so five of the Easter eggs are just right there this one is more cowbell we will show you that in a minute once we’re on the road this one will show you in a minute that one I’ll show you in a minute actually no what is this one let’s try this one first I don’t even know this it is the flying DeLorean one I don’t know what it does let’s find some of these okay this is one this one has a rainbow unicorn on it so if you push that it pulls up an entire drawing screen Lincoln draws a picture and it goes to Tesla this is clear oh yeah the whole thing okay nice job buddy I’m gonna add my into it whoo looking sharp okay so that’s our artwork now this is the funny thing watch this let’s publish this are you sure you want Tesla to critique your artistic masterpiece Meredith there you go there’s the first one that we sent to Tesla Mars we aren’t our car is no longer our car and we are no longer on streets but then when we drive all right so there’s your Rover we are now driving officially on Mars let’s turn the Mars rover is turning we’re targeting in the circle and it’s turning the Mars rover around oh okay busy we are now this guy instead of our Tesla that is it let’s show you the next okay and the next one is a really fun we’re saving the best for last we really are the next one is for autopilot when you want to put your car into autopilot if there’s this little knob right here that if you pull it four times it shows a rainbow on there Rainbow Road and then do you hear that music it’s cowbell from saronite live I have fever walk cow that’s it and it just plays this cowbell song you can’t stop it there’s no way to stop other than tech turning off the car and getting out you can’t turn down the audio it’s about to stop in a second Eric look look I’m not even on autopilot anymore and it’s still doing it why did they do this because they can we have the last one it’s a good one for the last one we came to a our local mall this is not an Easter Egg this is just something that it does okay the car just parked itself we are right in front of the Apple store at the outdoor mall you have to have the key take your seatbelt off you touch this right here and then you push this Christmas one right here and then it says the show will begin after you exit Model X close all doors and press the lock button on your key fob happy holidays we are doing this randomly in public are you ready for it doors are closed you’re ready buddy I take the key fob and I push the button windows start rolling down there we go okay ready oh it’s going see the lights let’s do the music just playing music look at leak it over there all the people the apple star like what’s happening there goes the doors there’s like no sir there’s the end of the show right there oh well done car there goes someone does back up all by itself it just does that that’s pretty cool right that’s the last Easter egg that the Tesla has that we wanted to show you so and now we need to go take Lincoln back to school and we’re gonna do it in front of all this classmates right Lincoln no school Tesla Elon Musk if you are listening to this please let this Christmas thing be there how cool would it be to pull up to a car show with all these gas-powered cars and I just pull up in Park get a crowd turn it on and let us do its thing.

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