Buick reveals Electra E5 midsize electric SUV for Chinese market

Buick will soon introduce the all-electric Electra E5, the brand’s first production vehicle developed on the Ultium platform in China.

The large five-seat midsize electric SUV was developed based on the insights of mainstream Chinese consumers and their preferences for premium, high-quality electric mobility. It incorporates Buick’s all-new EV design, offering forward-looking styling, exceptional spaciousness and premium comfort.

Together with its cutting-edge global technologies, the Electra E5 is designed to provide an unparalleled safe, reliable and intelligent EV experience that goes beyond its segment.

“The Electra E5 is the first of an all-new portfolio of Buick EVs in China that will set the benchmark across mainstream EV segments,” said Cesar Toledo, general director of Buick Sales and Marketing at SAIC-GM.

“It fully embodies the brand’s ongoing transformation through its innovative spirit and adoption of the latest industry innovations, including the Ultium platform, all-new Virtual Cockpit System and enhanced Super Cruise driver assist technology, which customers will appreciate.”

The Electra E5 features the new Buick PURE design philosophy shown on the Electra-X concept, combining electrified luxury with modern and athletic styling.

“The pure design language will be a great next chapter for electrified Buicks,” said Matt Noone, executive director of SAIC-GM PATAC Design. “The principles of purity in design, refined execution and thoughtful detailing will apply to the brand’s entire lineup in the future.”

He added, “From front to back and inside to outside, we have reimagined the vehicle. It telegraphs how dedicated Buick is to being a forward-looking, modern brand that’s really embracing the future with beautiful design and seamlessly integrated technology.”

The state-of-the-art Ultium platform delivers more possibilities via the balance of luxury proportions and interior space. The Electra E5 has a length of 4,892 mm, width of 1,905 mm and height of 1,655 mm. The short front overhang and long hood design reinforce its premium appearance while an extended wheelbase of 2,954 mm provides very competitive interior space.

Defined by clean lines, the Electra E5 is characterized by sculptural surfaces along the sides and muscular fenders that reinforce the elegant shape while emphasizing its dynamic stance. Multiple tinted chrome accents add to the premium and sporty appearance.

The Electra E5 is the brand’s first EV that adopts the new Buick tri-shield logo and incorporates the expressive new face of Buick. Buick’s iconic flying wing design elements have been reconceived for the sculptural front-end styling.

Redesigned dual flying wing daytime running lights inherit Buick’s family design language but deliver it in a more modern and futuristic way. Matched with exquisite aviation-inspired headlamps, they offer distinct welcome lighting animation that adds to the sense of technology and creates a warm digital dynamic interaction.

The large aggressive trapezoidal grille features a unique parametric pattern, visually widening the stance and delivering a strong and confident personality to the vehicle. Refined chrome details increase its luxury feel.

The pure, sculptural design continues to the rear of the vehicle. Slim connected taillamps have dynamic wing-shaped LED lighting, which is distinct on the road and enhances the intelligent luxury feeling. The unique center high-mounted stop light echoes Buick’s new logo and its crystal-like inner lens brings a jewel effect.

“The closer you get to the car, the more you will appreciate it,” said Noone. “Whether it’s the new face of Buick, the grille design, the lighting, the integration of the trim or the jewel-like detailing, you can see that it is not only a futuristic EV but also a very premium-focused vehicle.”

Blagojce Krivevski

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