Buick Reveals Interior Design of Electra E5 SUV

Buick revealed the interior design and smart cockpit system of the Electra E5, the brand’s first production vehicle developed on the Ultium platform in China.

The large five-seat electric SUV incorporates the segment-only EYEMAX 30-inch freeform OLED display and Buick’s all-new Virtual Cockpit System in addition to other cutting-edge technologies such as 5G connectivity.

Thanks to the Ultium platform and efficient cockpit layout, the Electra E5 also provides segment-leading interior spaciousness matched with refined craftsmanship that aims to redefine premium EV mobility, making it safer, smarter and more comfortable.

The Electra E5 is designed to immerse passengers in a premium experience. The EYEMAX 30-inch 6K curved OLED display is visually impressive at first sight and can reflect 1 billion colors with smooth operation. Adding to the multiscreen interaction is the 12.6-inch color head-up display (HUD) system, which displays important driving data such as speed and navigation on the windshield to help avoid distracted driving.

The Electra E5 runs the latest generation of the Buick eConnect connectivity system, which provides customers access to massive multimedia content with built-in apps. Customers can also look forward to a more convenient and interactive user experience through upgraded intelligent voice commands, customized configurations and individual recommendations.

Wireless CarPlay and wireless phone charging are standard on the Electra E5. Additionally, the Electra E5 is equipped with the iKey digital feature that enables keyless access, welcome animation and remote vehicle diagnostics to further uplift vehicle safety and convenient operation.

The cutting-edge VIP electric architecture is key to supporting the Electra E5’s smart cockpit. Empowered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, the Electra E5 is available with 5G technology that allows fast data transmission and smooth operation and supports over-the-air (OTA) updates on multiple vehicle modules at the same time.

“The interior of the Electra E5 really captures the Buick brand’s PURE design philosophy, with clean and sculptural surfacing, excellence in details and seamlessly integrated technology,” said Matt Noone, executive director of SAIC-GM PATAC Design.

“Buick customers have an appreciation for the brand’s sculptural beauty and sophisticated execution. The Electra E5 stays true to what Buick design stands for, representing an exciting evolution in the era of electrification. It will stand out in its segment and resonate strongly with mainstream EV buyers.”

Purity in Design

Adding to its dynamic and youthful styling, the Electra E5 has an expressive interior that is characterized by a layered floating design and sophisticated simplicity.

The floating instrument panel and door details, balance of the materials, sculptural seating and choice of colors help the interior feel light and futuristic, projecting a sense of a new energy vehicle with greater roominess. The freeform screen is naturally integrated into the simplified instrument panel. It elevates the sense of technology with an elegant touch.

The same floating design philosophy is reflected on the center console, which wraps around the driver and provides extra storage room in the front. Additional thoughtful details that add to the sense of luxury and enhanced functionality include a jewel-like control knob on the center console, backlit door handles and a redesigned steering wheel.

Inside the Electra E5, the lighting signature is more impressive than ever. The slim vent comes with backlit decoration and ambient lighting that emphasizes the vehicle’s exquisite craftsmanship. Together with the 121-color surround ambient lighting, users can look forward to a sensational light show as the lighting color and dynamic effect change with different music and rhythms.

Inspired by luxury furniture design, the front seats featuring distinct floating headrests and S-shaped seatbacks are light and dynamic in proportion without compromising on the delivery of a comfortable seating experience.

Thanks to the flexible Ultium platform, the Electra E5 has segment-leading spaciousness, with a long 2,954-mm wheelbase and 1,030 mm of legroom in the second row. It offers a spacious 1,658-liter trunk with a flexible configuration to match customers’ diverse lifestyles and needs.

In addition, the Electra E5 comes standard with upgraded Buick QuietTuning technology, an advanced Bose audio system and the BioCare intelligent cabin purifying system to help create a more relaxed, comfortable riding experience.

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