Charge While Driving, Flying or On The Runway


Can you imagine a system that using an old Nicola Tesla trick, one which could charge electric vehicles while in motion? Well, we have the ability to charge things without wires, for instance those little gadgets that you can buy where you place your electronic device on what looks like a hot plate pad and the electrons flow to the battery charging it remotely without any wires. Our Think Tank had come up with many such schemes back in the late 1990s, even for moving vehicles.

One such concept was to use high tension power lines to charge up electric MAVs or micro-air vehicles (miniature UAVs) for inspection. These MAVs would fly back and forth perpendicular to the high tension lines while inspecting them and the escaping energy in the field would automatically charge them up. Simple physics and I suppose a fun place to think, this is why I came up with that scheme. I am not alone in innovative creative genius.

For instance, there was an article in the Wall Street Journal on August 27, 2013 titled; “Electric Buses Without Wires – South Korean Technology Can Charge Vehicles While in Motion,” by Jeyup S. Kwaak. The piece stated; “The experiment with electric buses is part of the government’s effort to reduce 30% of the nation’s greenhouse-gas emissions by 2020,” and “buses that can charge wirelessly while in motion,” or while stopped using infrastructure in the ground to charge.

This concept is quite similar to the MAV strategy I mentioned above, yet on a much bigger scale of course. What else could we use this technology for, I thought to myself after reading that article? Well, how about these concepts too:

1. Stop Light Charging for Electric Cars

2. Runway Charging for Aircraft

3. Weigh Scale or Truck Stop Charging for Electric Trucks

4. Electric Skateboard Charging at Skate Parks

Yes, these are just a few of course, the uses could be unlimited, how about electric wheel chair charging areas for hospitals. Electric Car parking stalls at corporations? They already make a device for the home garage for electric car owners – although some say they are a fire hazard for that type of indoor usage.

One of the biggest challenges with electric cars, cellphones, and other equipment is battery charging and battery life. If we can figure those out, we might find that in some cases electricity might be the better way to do. Maybe Nicola Tesla would love to tell you more, if he were still with us in the present period. Please consider all this and think on it.


Source by Lance Winslow

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