Chrysler Brand Reveals Chrysler Synthesis Cockpit Demonstrator at CES 2023

Chrysler Brand showcased the Chrysler Synthesis demonstrator at CES 2023, providing a forward-looking glimpse into the brand’s future and previewing the first application of new Stellantis technologies in North America.

The Chrysler Synthesis, on display at CES 2023 starting Jan. 5, demonstrates the integration of Chrysler’s contemporary, technology-forward and sustainable interior design with advanced Stellantis technology to create Harmony in Motion in the everyday lives of customers through a mobility experience that is more user-friendly, more connected and more efficient.

The Chrysler Synthesis showcases unique Chrysler-branded Advanced Technology for Real Life that uses STLA Smart Cockpit, STLA Brain and STLA AutoDrive technology to blend modern and premium design with intuitive, advanced technology and features. The Chrysler Synthesis helps to manage the friction and chaos of everyday life with thoughtfully connected technology with a contemporary, sustainable environment that anticipates and delivers Harmony in Motion with every customer experience.

The Chrysler Synthesis two-seater also represents the next step in the Chrysler brand’s revitalization and transformation, building on the reveal of the Chrysler Airflow Concept at CES 2022, as well as the announcement that the brand will launch its first battery-electric vehicle in 2025 and a full battery-electric portfolio in 2028. The Chrysler brand’s steady march forward to an all-electric future aligns with the ambitious Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan announced by Stellantis last year, which outlines the company’s roadmap for the future.

“For nearly 100 years, Chrysler has created ingenious products and technologies for mainstream customers, and Chrysler will continue that legacy of innovation as the first to launch the STLA Smart Cockpit in North America. The Chrysler Synthesis shown at CES 2023 represents the future of Chrysler brand design, technology and customer experience by introducing customer-centric design and intuitive, seamlessly connected technology for real life,” said Chris Feuell, Chrysler brand CEO – Stellantis. “Chrysler is focused on delivering Harmony In Motion for every aspect of the customer experience with the product, technology, purchase and ownership experiences, resulting in harmony with the planet, our products, services and customer experiences.”

Blagojce Krivevski

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