Fast-charging price hike, EV price war, BMW EVs from Mexico: Today’s Car News

BMW will turn to Mexico to make some of its more affordable EVs for the U.S. The past couple weeks have signaled that the EV price war has begun. And Electrify America raises prices. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Electrify America last week announced price hikes for EV fast-charging. Adding up to about 15% extra for frequent customers, the higher rates do roughly correlate to a surge in the cost of electricity across the U.S. over the past year—although they’re not close to the volatility that those who fill up with gas are used to.

A series of recent statements from automakers confirms that the EV price war has arrived, even as some automakers continue to struggle with supply-chain issues. As analysts recently underscored, Big 3 automakers are going to need the cash-cow profits of full-size pickups to support their investments in EVs—although as Ford essentially confirmed, it’s been a year of “no pain, no gain” amid a struggle to ramp EVs quickly.

And next-generation Neue Klasse EVs from BMW will be built in Mexico starting in 2027, the company has confirmed. While there are two other European sites, it’s likely Mexico will make the vast majority of U.S.-bound EVs built on the upcoming dedicated platform, which will underpin BMW’s smaller to midsize EVs and mark a shift to cylindrical battery cells. 


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