Fastned and EVBox join forces to install 400 kW EV fast charging stations in Europe

Fastned, the European fast charging company, and EVBox, a leading provider of flexible and scalable charging solutions, have completed the installation of the first EVBox Troniq Modular High-Power charging station in the Netherlands on December 13, 2022.

The 400 kW charging station is now being piloted and available first-hand for all Fastned customers on its station in De Watering, The Netherlands, along the A8 near Oostzaan. With this configuration, EVBox Troniq Modular High-Power is one of the first 400 kW charging stations coming to the European market, and has been developed to best serve public areas with heavy traffic. The high power charging station can deliver 100 km of range in just three minutes, if supported by the vehicle; alternatively, the charging power can also be dynamically shared by two vehicles, allocating for instance, 200 kW of energy to each vehicle.

Fastned and EVBox signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for a non-exclusive partnership to further improve the product in terms of quality, user experience, serviceability, uptime, and data-driven charger monitoring. The initiative is part of EVBox’s Early Adopter Program with selected key partners, a co-creation program designed to improve the full product journey from installation to end use. This iterative program allows for ongoing product and process improvements based on the feedback received by partners and users, before its full commercialization.

Fastned, with 10 years of experience in fast charging across six countries in Europe and with ambitious expansion plans, will contribute with its in-depth knowledge and experience in fast charging. EVBox has 13 years of experience with electric vehicle charging solutions and production of state-of-the-art EV chargers. Additionally, both parties will collect real-life customer feedback for improvement points of the piloted charging station. Fastned will continue working with different leading charging station manufacturers to provide its customers with the best possible charging experience that matches Fastned’s leading customer friendliness and reliability standards.

We’re looking forward to the partnership with EVBox and the piloting of this new charger, which we expect will become best-in-class. During the course of this pilot, EVBox and Fastned will work closely together in optimising the user experience and the communication between the charger and Fastned’s backend system. We are committed to continuously improving charger speed and reliability, in order to provide our customers with the best customer experience and give freedom to electric drivers, said Roland van der Put (Head of Charging Technology at Fastned)

We are excited to partner with Fastned in jointly installing one of the first 400kW charging stations in Europe as part of our Early Adopter Program. The 400 kW variant is the next evolution stage of our flexible and scalable Troniq Modular fast-charging stations family. Together, we are leading the way to making high-power charging available, and electric mobility even more accessible, said Maurice van Riek (Chief Technology Officer at EVBox)

Blagojce Krivevski

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