Fisker names Deftpower as European public charging platform provider

California-based EV startup Fisker has named Deftpower, a leading provider of EV charging software solutions, as Fisker’s European mobility service provider. The partnership provides Fisker Ocean owners access to one of Europe’s largest aggregated electric vehicle public charging networks.

Deftpower aggregates over 425,000 public charging stations across 900 different charging operators into one convenient, comprehensive charging network that has grown 32% in the past year. Using the FISKER FLEX Charge app, Fisker Ocean owners can seamlessly locate, access, and pay for public EV charging with transparent pricing. As a unique feature, Fisker also offers Ocean customers in Europe access to one year of free charging at over 30,000 eligible charging ports on the Allego network through this app.

“With Deftpower, we are providing a comprehensive European public charging solution for Fisker owners at delivery. The minute they get their new Fisker Ocean, our owners want convenient and easy-to-locate public charge stations, a seamless experience when using a public charger, and super-simple payment options,” Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker said. “Partnering with Deftpower gives our owners excellent charging convenience and choice.”

“At Deftpower, we believe that simplifying the charging experience is essential to EV adoption and customer satisfaction”, said Jacob van Zonneveld, CEO Deftpower. “Our solutions are designed to make charging as easy and convenient as possible, while also providing a great customer experience. We are thrilled to work with partners like Fisker to make premium EV charging services more accessible across Europe, and we’re proud to be a part of the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable future. ”

The Deftpower network will be available to Fisker Ocean owners starting with vehicle deliveries in European launch market countries.  Fisker Ocean owners can locate Deftpower-affiliated charging stations through the FISKER FLEX Charge app and within the Fisker Ocean’s navigation system.  At launch, owners can search for and navigate to charging stations, filter search for DC fast charge locations, do basic EV route planning, and calculate arrival times at charging stops. By tapping a Fisker-provided RFID Card or using the FISKER FLEX Charge app, owners can initiate and pay for charging sessions seamlessly, and see all charge tariffs.

The Fisker Ocean, Fisker’s all-electric SUV, is available in a sold-out limited edition Fisker Ocean One and three additional trim levels: Extreme, Ultra, and Sport.  The Fisker Ocean One and Extreme trim travels up to 390 miles on a single charge, with dual-motor, all-wheel-drive, three driving modes, Revolve 17.1″ rotating screen, SolarSky roof, California Mode, Smart Traction, and many first-to-market safety features, including the world’s first digital radar.

Deftpower aligns charging station operators, car manufacturers, and utilities through their Automotive Charging Platform, resulting in cost-savings for all participants. With years of experience and technical expertise, Deftpower offers modular and flexible EV charging software solutions that are tailored to their customers’ specific needs.

Blagojce Krivevski

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