A Complete Guide to the Model 3 | Part 1

Tesla Model 3 Guide

Let’s start by looking at the seating in the Model 3. The front seats have a lot of adjustability. If you get the Premium Package, I can move my seat up, I can move my seat down like movies see forward I can move my seat back I can tilt it so I can actually move the front or the bottom up or down and I can also adjust the back here forward or backward how far?

Can you take a nap? Let’s see, are we in nap territory? Yeah, I’d say this is somewhere near nap territory. So the other adjustability is the lumbar support. You really put it wherever you need to on your lower back which is all it’s really made for and then you can have it go back in so it goes in and out but does it go up and down? Yep, and you get it on the passenger seat too, yep and that’s in the premium edition.

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So, once you’ve adjusted the lumbar the way you like it and your seat the way you like it can you save that to your driver profile? Yep so basically all I have to do is adjust my lumbar and then hit save and now it has saved my seat position. No matter where you adjust your seat you can always save it from the screen and that way when you get back in the car it can adjust to whatever your settings are and that means that if you wanted to for whatever reason you need to adjust your seat to like fumble around that means that you can go back and restore it to wherever you once were so it’s actually about easy entry.  So easy entries of setting that you can set up in your driver profile all you’d have to do is select your profile and then say use easy entry.  Now easy entry is almost like a driver you set all your settings to where you want it to be so if you want you can raise up the seat if it makes it easier for you to step out of the car you could also lower it if you want more room to get your legs out. You can have the steering wheel go up so that way you can actually enter and exit the vehicle easier you can set all of that and then you hit save and now when I go back to my driver setting this is what will happen every time I get in the car and hit the brakes.

The cool thing about the EZ entries setting is as soon as you unbuckle your seatbelt it goes into easy entry so I’m out of the car now I get back in it’s in easy entry mode so it’s nice and easy for me to enter. I have lots of space for my legs and then I buckle in and now as soon as I put my foot on the brake the car adjusts to my settings because it remembers who I am because it uses the app so it’s summer right now so we may not be thinking about it but heated seats are a feature of the car if you have a Premium Package so the way you do that is you come over here and you can turn on your heated seat there are three different settings that you can go to and the rear seats also have heating so you can turn them all on from this one setting in the car mesh of these off because it is hot out today so one neat thing about the model 3 is that it has a pretty sleek looking center console.

If you look down here you notice that everything can basically look like it’s just one nice shiny panel but if you want you can open almost all of it up so of course you have the two cupholders here then you have sort of your armrest thing here you have a little bit of storage here then you can remove that and you have a whole bunch of space underneath so in the front section here two different ways to open it you can either rock it back or you can push it forward and it comes back so a lot of people have some trouble they try and make it go forward like this.

It will actually tell you to close the lid gently and all you have to basically do is just gently move it forward until it’s in place so then you have the phone dock here so what you can do is take your phone and you can stick it right on a charger right there if you want and then another thing you can do is this folds up and out of the way so you can see the rest of the storage you have in here which is quite a bit then you have the plugs that go to the chargers for your phone.

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Those can get snaked behind this piece of rubber right here but usually that rubber stays right where it is and the nice thing is you can leave your phone here charging so you can do two different phones you can put one you know your passenger and your phone they can both be charging and then if you want to hide your phones all you have to do is do that and the one can see your phone from the outside so no one’s gonna smash your window to steal it all right?

So one thing that people are freaked out about when they first get in the car is how do I adjust my mirrors how do I adjust my steering wheel I don’t see a stock for it there’s no buttons on the side here to adjust my mirrors you know what am i what am I to do a lot of people think that you have to go through a lot of menus to get there you don’t have to do hardly anything all you have to do is adjust your seat the tiniest little bit and then hit your steering wheel so this thumb wheel right here it just allows you to adjust in out and up and down just this scroll wheel you can push it left or right and that goes in and out as the as the as that shows you on the screen there and then you can also go up and down with the scroll wheel so you can do this while you’re driving so you can adjust as high as you want if you like a nice high drive you can adjust it as low as you want if you want to you know.

If you really want to grip the steering wheel tight into you you know you can get it as close and as low as you want and then all you have to do is hit the Save button and it will save it if you want to restore your settings you just hit restore and it brings you right back to where you were now let’s say you want to adjust the mirrors so I’m going to again adjust my seat just the tiniest a little bit and hit the mirror button so now I can adjust either the left or the right mirror and I can do this much in the same way basically it’s just using the left and all I have to do is scroll up to move the mirror up and I can point it right where I want to

Let’s say I want to adjust the right one I just click the right button and now I’m adjusting my right mirror now let’s say I have completely screwed up where I have placed my mirrors and I regret my decision before I change anything I can hit the restore button and both of my mirrors will return to where they were previously um if I liked where my mirrors were set so let’s say I changed a setting I can hit save and it will save my setting to where I have just moved so let’s take a look at how the navigation works okay so let’s say that we’re getting ready to go on a trip now this map can be a little bit confusing because you know it is all the satellite imagery so you’re seeing all the lakes and the rivers and the towns and the trees and all that so like let’s say we want to just see a map I’m gonna hit this button here and now we’re just seeing like a more general map it’s a little bit cleaner so we can hit navigate and we can start typing in where we want to go let’s say we want to go to New York City right and that could pop up and that will send us on our way it will start to generate a trip for us and it will route us through superchargers so that way we can get there with sufficient charge it’s calculating elevation changes traffic stuff like that so we can drive straight to New York with our 217 miles of range we would get there with 5%.

Now that’s not perfect. Obviously we would like to have a bit more charge so what I could do is along somewhere along our route just click on a supercharger it’ll give me some information about it how many people are currently charging there so you might know you know how busy it is how many slots there are it’ll tell you how many the stalls are available what the the max output of it is and how far away it is I can navigate straight to the supercharger and it will calculate my route again and you can see that I can get there with just 22% left in my battery which is which is plenty and now it’s oom Zin so that way I can start doing all my turns and stuff like that there are a couple different views here and see this little compass right up here the North right now it is set to north up if I click it again we are looking at the entire trip so if you want to see what’s left on your journey you can click that button you can have north up so that we’re you know the whole map points up you can hit this we are pointing north at the moment but it would point the map you know depending on which direction you were traveling in let’s say we wanted to go somewhere further away somewhere where we would have to do many multiple supercharging spots so let’s say that we wanted to go all the way to Atlanta Georgia instead of typing stuff in because you know sometimes there’s many different letters and it’s hard to spell and stuff like that all you have to do is click on the right scroll wheel navigate to Atlanta Georgia as you can see that lanta Georgia pops right up I can hit navigate and this is well outside of our 216 mile range now one thing you’ll notice on this map is that there are some superchargers that are a dark red and then there are others that are sort of a grayed out red or more of a pink color so these superchargers we can’t drive to with our current state of charge but all of these red ones we can so we can basically hit almost all of New England with our current state of charge which is about 75% my leaf has a range of about this you know this size this is really great because I can get to any of these superchargers without super charging and another one now you might be saying but how am I supposed to get to Atlanta Georgia or Kansas City well you just charge it one supercharger then you charge another and another and another and then you’re basically there so I will navigate to Atlanta Georgia navigate to Atlanta Georgia.

I hit navigate and then it’ll calculate my route and again this is calculating all of my energy usage this includes elevation changes over the Appalachian Mountains and stuff like that it all gets factored in so that way when you arrive you basically have the exact range that you were supposed to have so we can see that we’re going to Darien Connecticut supercharger and we’re gonna charge there for an hour and 10 minutes we’re gonna get there with 13 percent charge then we’re gonna go to National Harbor Maryland we’re gonna charge there for 40 minutes South Hill Virginia Burlington North Carolina Greenville South Carolina and then finally we’ll arrive in Atlanta Georgia it calculates the total trip mileage and also how long it will take this includes all the super charging everything like that and what percent you’re gonna have when you arrive in Atlanta Georgia and that’s 17 percent so you might be saying okay well how can this help me basically this can help you know when you’re going to want to eat dinner so we’re going to get to National Harbor Maryland at p.m.

That’s a good time for dinner so we’ll be right near Washington DC we might want to find a good place for dinner and then we can keep scrolling down we see that we get to Atlanta Georgia at a.m. if we were to drive through the night let’s say we wanted to see if there was a place that we could have dinner you can click on each supercharger on your route and it will tell you some of the amenities about it so if we click on this one you’ll notice that there are bathrooms somewhere to get a bite to eat somewhere to get some coffee somewhere to sleep and some Wi-Fi so basically everything we need there if we wanted to stop for the night that would be a pretty good spot now let’s see we’re getting to Atlanta Georgia with 17 percent charge that’s not great because what if we want to drive around Atlanta for a little bit and looking at the map it looks like there’s no superchargers except for just our route now.

This is just sort of to simplify the map to make it so it’s easier for you to look at if you want to actually see some more superchargers all we have to do is hit the charger button and all the superchargers come back you can see all of the information about the ones that you can actually reach actually the ones within about a 300 mile range of you you get to know all the information about including you know how many people are charging there at the moment it’s really cool to have such a live map but we can also sort of scroll our way down and look at say Atlanta you can see that there are two superchargers in Atlanta that we could stop at so there’s one right in Atlanta Georgia it gives you the address we could navigate to it if we want there’s one in Decatur Georgia that we could drive to and these two are places that we could charge up you know because we’re gonna get to Atlanta with 17% so it really helps to know that there are places to charge so there are also all of these little gray points on the map these are destination chargers so usually they’re like a hotel or restaurant that has a Tesla destination charger so we could stay at the Ritz-Carlton if we really wanted to maybe the Four Seasons that might be a little bit less expensive it’ll tell you the charge rate you get in kilowatts how many connectors there are and if it’s available to the public.

Sometimes it’s valet sometimes it’s you park it yourself.  It gives you all of the information you need right there so like these are all valet this place you have to talk to the front desk to make sure that it’s available and you can see how fast you’re going to be charging so this might affect you know if you’re staying overnight 16k it’s probably no problem eight kilowatts not that great but better than nothing if you want to you can even add these to your favorites this will mean that along a road trip you’ll know that there are some hotels or something that you were thinking of staying at add this to your favorites and you can actually pull these up during a road trip or something like that so it’s very helpful you can do a lot of planning in the car there are of course many many many different road trip planning sites and charge planning that you can do but if you want to do it all from the car you can basically get away with it so let’s say that we wanted to stay at one of these hotels the Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead we could navigate we could also called see if their charger was available if they have any rooms but let’s say we want to navigate straight to there so again it will route you through superchargers anytime you’re navigating anywhere it will route you through superchargers if you need them.

If it’s a very local thing and you don’t need to stop at a supercharger it won’t put you through one just if you need the range and this is even good when you have a low battery charge if you need to get somewhere you the car will tell you if you’ll make it and it can even tell you to stay below certain speeds in order to make it a great feature of having the premium connectivity package is that you get the traffic all you have to do is click that and you get all the Google traffic data so you can see where there are backups Boston is surprisingly traffic free today but you could you know go somewhere else where there is definitely traffic say in New York City so you can see where there’s traffic where there might be some spots that you’d want to avoid so let’s say you’re driving along and you want to listen to some music all you have to do is hit the music notes right here and this brings up a sort of small music panel here maybe this isn’t what you were expecting or what you want here’s the interesting thing this panel can be dragged as big as you’d like it or it can be configured to a small or a medium size so lots of different options for what you’re looking at now you can listen to the radio.

If you want to you can have your favorite radio stations you can also tune into anything that is nearby if you want to you can tune in to the exact frequency which is all pretty cool let’s say that you don’t want to listen to the radio you can come up here change it from radio to streaming and again with the premium connectivity package you get streaming of whatever music you’re interested in this uses the musical streaming service slacker and so you can stream either different albums or different artists and so just to point out I’m now in my premium slacker account which is about ten dollars a month so if you don’t want to have that you can still use that but you won’t get the premium features now moving on from slacker we can go to tune in this is a similar thing tune in is another streaming service you can use the free version and you’ll get certain features and then you can get the premium version or again you can get better features like books on audio books and stuff like that hmm this is interesting mm-hmm that’s the time news 95 let’s see we can also connect to a phone let’s connect to my phone and so now my phone is Bluetooth connected to the car and so it’s cool about that is anything that you can run on your phone you can run on the car so for instance if you have Spotify you can run your Spotify on the car so any song that I want to run I just start it up and I can listen to it now.

What if you want to adjust the settings I like the EQ or the balance so one thing you can do is scroll this all the way to the top and in the bottom left-hand corner you’ll see this adjustment here you can adjust it however you like you can adjust the balance so let’s say the kids want to listen to some music but you don’t want to listen to some music you can put that in the back or let’s say you want to listen to something up front just the driver this is just which speakers the noise comes out of and of course you can Center it back to basically normal so options lets you adjust the immersive sound and I have no idea what this does but it does make some sound some music sound really good makes other music sound really bad now when you’re connected via bluetooth you can still do all the pausing playing skipping songs and everything like that from the screen if you want to and that works even when it’s down like this also

If you want to you can adjust that from the steering wheel steering wheel lets you do almost all the music options so if we want to turn up the volume you just scroll up on the left thumb wheel and you could scroll it back down um this means that you can pause and play so I can skip ahead if I want to yeah so all of the control can be done for all music now let’s say that I’m driving and I don’t have time to fuss around with my phone I don’t have time to fuss around with any of this setting I want my full map I just want to listen to some Billy Joel all I have to do is press the right thumb wheel play Billy Joel and it will search for Billy Joel and it will begin playing using the in-car streaming service when you first get the car you’re probably going to need to connect your phone that’s as simple as hitting the connect phone and we have a bunch of different phones on our list but you would add a new device and you would start looking for it and then you would open your phone go into the bluetooth menu and you would be searching for it as well then you would connect the two devices and you’d be ready to rock and roll alright so let’s start talking about some of the settings this little model 3 button down here puts you into the car settings it automatically goes to quick control.

So if you wanted to adjust your steering wheel or your mirrors you could do that now let’s say we want to clean the screen all we have to do is go to display screen clean mode and it dims the screen so go do this yeah you see all of the clicking and swiping I’ve been doing and you can clean this off with the you know rag or your t-shirt or microfiber cloth and then very dimly it says press and hold to exit so you do that you’d hold it for I believe it’s 5 seconds and now you’re back to your nice clean screen so let’s go through all of the different controls here so in the quick controls this basically is your hot list of you know all the things that you need to adjust on your car so again it’s just this bottom left hand button brings up all of the different settings for the car and does it default to quick controls always goes to quick controls so if we leave it off on display and then we bring it back up we’re back on quick controls and what our quick controls our exterior lights so we can we can shut the lights off we can leave them on auto when you turn off our fog lights we can adjust our mirrors we can adjust our steering wheel we can fold in the mirrors we can unfold the mirrors we can lock the windows and we can adjust our brightness if we want a dimmer if we want a brighter and we can set it to auto or not Auto automatically adjusts to the brightness that you’re currently experiencing oh and there’s your glovebox button so there’s your glovebox button you hit that and that opens the glovebox so our first real settings page aside from the quick controls is the lights so this is where you can adjust your headlight settings you can adjust your your fog lights and you can do auto high beams which we will talk about later you can even set your dome lights to either be auto which is sort of like you know it’s sort of like the three clicks switch at the top of most of your dome switches in your car and then ambient lights this is really just sort of like in the foot wells and near the doors just just fancy lights basically they come with the Premium Package yeah now most of these settings are going to have this little gear icon in the top right hand corner.

Today I’ll just forget about that right they hide a lot of different settings in this case they’re not too serious because it’s lights so headlights after exit do you want your headlights to stay on after you’ve exited the car for a little bit let’s say yes now when we get out of the car the lights will stay on for about a minute and that’s you know to let us easily move around the car without stubbing our toes and the last one is steering wheel lights you might be saying what the heck our steering wheel lights and it’s basically just these these four little arrows to the right and left of the thumb wheels here you can’t see them in the big time right so now we get into the next section which is locks and this is where you can actually create keys amazingly usually you’d have to go down to the hardware store you’d have to talk to a guy the hardware store you have to give him your key he would take half an hour cutting it or whatever known with this you just simply connect a phone which will unlock the car so we have different phones here which will unlock the car now there’s also key cards which come with the car I have one right here it is a nice beautiful Tesla card this can fit in your wallet so that if your phone is dead and it can’t unlock the car you can unlock the car with this now of course we have win lock which is something that you can do from the from the quick controls there’s also child locks you can prevent the children in your backseat from opening the doors unexpectedly.

This by the way is why there is no manual release for those doors so now the all-important gear menu yeah what can we do unlock on Park so as soon as you hit the park button it can unlock let’s say you don’t want that you turn that off I’ll walk away lock this means that once the the car no longer detects your phone key it will lock the car for you so let’s say you want that because you want to just walk away from your car and have it lock you know away from you or let’s say you know that you know your spouse or family needs to get in your car to get things out of it you can turn that off okay moving on to display you can change the mode in which your display is there’s a day and a night and then the auto which cycles between the two depending on the Sun yes not just time-based it’s actually based on when the Sun sets so it’s kind of a fun thing you’ll know exactly when the Sun sets day mode is of course this nice bright white setting night mode is all black so that way when you’re driving at night you’re not blinding yourself looking at a bright screen so I’m gonna put it back in day mode so we can see what we’re doing now there’s auto dimming now this basically adjusts the brightness to whatever the brightness the ambient brightness is around you so it’s pretty sunny and you can see that it’s very slowly adjusting the brightness here let’s say that we don’t want that we want to set it to exactly what we want we’d set to auto and then we can adjust the brightness ourselves obviously here is the screen clean mode again and then of course there is the ever-important gear mode don’t forget about that because you know a lot of the settings in there you don’t need to adjust all the time but they can be settings that are important to you all right so let’s talk about time format we can do 12 hours or 24 hours.

I like to do 12 hours because I am NOT in the military! Energy display we can either view it as the percentage of the energy remaining or the distance that we can travel with that energy distance I find is usually more helpful I don’t travel in percentages I travel in in miles and getting talking about miles we can do either miles or kilometers so if we change it to kilometers it now changes the range of the car into kilometers same thing with temperature that adjusts not only the outside temperature reading but also your a/c settings so if you speak Celsius you can set to set it to Celsius if you speak Fahrenheit you can set it to Fahrenheit tire pressure can be done in either psi or bar so if we scroll over to the tire pressure monitor which isn’t running because we’re not moving the car it’ll give it to you in bar or psi closing that gear menu moving on to driving the the point of the car you can adjust the acceleration from standard to chill we’ll talk about that more in the driving section chill is a more relaxed experience and you’ll see chill up here in the top when you change it to chill and standard is just sort of the normal acceleration now the steering mode a lot of people are saying what is the steering mode does it adjust how the steering wheel works well not really it more just adjusts the feel of the steering wheel thanks so much for watching now you know we work hard to bring you videos about things that we think you’ll find useful but we need to know from you what you want to see so leave your comments below also don’t forget to go over to our patreon page where for as little as a buck a month you can watch our patreon bonus story every week on Tesla time news. Thanks again we’ll see you soon.

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