History of the Honda C70


The Honda C70 began manufacture in 1967 as a more powerful version of the world’s most popular motorcycle, the Honda C50 Super Cub. Just like the Super Cub, the C70 has remained in production until this day, speaking volumes about its dependability and popularity among riders. A classic underbone motorcycle design, the C70 closely resembles the Super Cub, but carries a larger 72cc air-cooled engine that gave riders 6.30 hp to zip around crowded towns or cities. First exported outside Japan in 1970, the C70 made its way to the UK in 1972. Here, it followed the success of the C50, gaining fast acceptance among riders of all ages.

One striking difference between the C50 and the C70 is the use of an automatic clutch for the three speed transmission. This made it easy for just about anyone to ride this 180-pound Honda, even in the worst traffic conditions, which would normally require constant use of the clutch for gear changes. In looks, the Honda C70 continued the popular look of the earlier Super Cubs. However, the larger engine allowed motorcyclists to cross speeds of 50 mph. The Honda C70 came with skinny 17-inch wheels carrying drum brakes, which did a fairly good job of providing grip and stability. While it could never match the frugal C50, this step-through motorcycle still gave satisfied owners great value, returning figures of over 100 mpg.

Over the decades, Honda engineers continued to refine the C70, with variants having slight exterior design changes. Also, the C70 models have been made available in several colour combinations over the years. This has made the C70 very attractive to motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors, with some Honda fans owning one bike from each production model. In 1982, Honda made the first major technical changes, upgrading the 6v electric system to 12v and introducing CDI ignition for dependability and improved fuel efficiency.

In fact, people continue to be attracted to the Honda C70 thanks to its ease of operation, fuel efficiency, and reasonable power to weight ratio. In the UK, owners proudly maintain and ride classic models right next to the latest C70 models. Like all Honda four stroke bikes, maintenance and restoration is easy if you have access to genuine, trusted spare parts. While it may not be fast or loud, the Honda C70 continues to be a fun ride that can get you around town in a style all of your own!


Source by Paul Smeeton

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