Honda Civic Hybrid, Lucid in Formula E, Uber needs an EV: Today’s Car News

Formula E is running with Lucid motors. Uber is looking for a spacious, lower-performance EV for ride-hailing. And the Civic Hybrid is next in Honda’s shift to about half hybrids. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Honda has confirmed that the Civic Hybrid is due as a sedan and hatchback in 2024—and to be competitive, look for combined fuel economy in the vicinity of 50 mpg. And aside from the CR-V Fuel Cell, the brand still has no plans to offer plug-in hybrids anytime soon. 

The Gen 3 race car for Formula E takes tech from the production Lucid Air. The race cars’ front motor unit, which allows vastly higher brake recuperation, is essentially a scaled-down version of the motors in the Lucid Air—and in Formula E, it’s one of the keys to helping make the races more exciting this year.

And Uber is reportedly working with automakers to design EVs specifically for ride-hailing and delivery services. Most notably, such models might be optimized for lower speeds and even have a lower top speed—to help cut costs. 


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