IONITY opens new HPC stations in France and Italy

Electric mobility is a key pillar of eco-friendly individual mobility – especially with regard to long-distance travel journeys in Europe. With the number of fully battery-electric vehicles continuously rising, availability and access to charging infrastructure along highways and main routes becomes even more relevant.

IONITY, Europe’s leading open-brand high-power charging (HPC) network for electric vehicles, has now opened two unique sites on preferred travel routes connecting the north with the south of Europe to further support this network.

Outstanding in size and strategically located on France’s “Sunshine Highway” The new twin charging stations in Mornas, near Avignon and Orange, are strategically positioned on France’s busy “Sunshine Highway” connecting Lyon with Marseille and Nice on the Mediterranean coast. This is the company’s largest and most powerful charging station in Europe so far, providing high-power charging with up to 350 kW: Mornas Village and Mornas les Adrets located on both sides of the highway can accommodate each up to sixteen electric vehicles simultaneously. Here, IONITY also introduces features such as weather protection shades and solar panels on the stations’ roofs.

“Driving electric protects the climate without compromising on individual mobility”, says Marcus Groll, COO of IONITY. “The IONITY high-power charging network along Europe’s highways has been a key enabler of sustainable mobility. Our new station in France sets new benchmarks with regard to size and adjacent services hence increasing electric travellers’ convenience.”

In France, IONITY already has the biggest share of all European chargers with 120 active charging stations currently and 576 charging points with further long-term investments in the planning. As such, range anxiety becomes irrelevant when travelling with IONITY. Already today, the number of IONITY high-power charging stations in France is comparable to the number of petrol stations of the leading oil company’s service stations along the French highways.

High-power charging on hotel premises creates new hospitality opportunities In Italy, one of Europe’s preferred travel destinations, IONITY has inaugurated a high-power charging station located directly at the Hampton by Hilton hotel in Fiano Romano. Close to the city of Rome, six new chargers close a huge gap: with putting it into operation, IONITY connects central Europe with the Southern part of Italy. Another plus: offering a charging capacity of up to 350 kW, IONITY makes it possible to top up the car’s battery to 80 % capacity in less than half an hour. Consequently, electric travellers can benefit from the hotels’ restaurant or other service amenities while charging their car even during a short stopover.

[source: Ionity]

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