Ionity partners with Regio to extend high-power EV charging network in Sweden

Sweden’s efforts at decarbonizing mobility have led to rapid growth in the number of electric cars and an increasing need for charging infrastructure. IONITY and property company Regio have joined forces to support EV drivers by offering easily accessible public high-power charging (HPC) open to all brands. Within a year, the partners plan to provide 12 new stations with 108 public high-power charging points with up to 350 kW at retail sites on key highway junctions – from Skellefteå in the far north to Karlskrona in the southeast of Sweden.

The 12 new sites are aimed at both long-distance travellers, who can enjoy retail and catering facilities during battery recharge, and the growing number of EV owners who want to incorporate fast, public charging into their everyday routines.

“Growing our high-power charging network across Europe is a top priority for us,” says IONITY COO Marcus Groll. “This collaboration with Regio marks a major step forward in expanding our presence in Sweden by offering charging hubs in urban areas. Together, we can provide strategically located public charging that can be conveniently integrated into EV drivers’ daily commute while also improving the long-distance electric travel experience.”

Regio CEO Eric Bergström adds: “The combination of our national reach plus IONITY’s HPC chargers will not just create value for our tenants and their customers, but also make a significant contribution to addressing the shortage of public EV chargers in Sweden today.

We need to work together and across industries to help speed up the transition to a more sustainable way of living, and we are therefore very happy to start this strategic partnership with such an established and experienced firm as IONITY.”

At present, IONITY operates 23 stations and 136 high power chargers in Sweden. The planning process for the 12 new stations has already started, with most of them expected to be built in 2023. Each site will be providing between six to twelve high-power chargers hence adding a significant addition to Sweden’s EV charging infrastructure.

Offering a charging capacity of up to 350 kW, IONITY makes it possible to top up the battery to 80 % capacity in less than half an hour – or in some cases just 15 minutes, depending on battery type. This has become a must for long-distance travel. However, given the growing number of EVs with an ever-increasing range of 500 km and more, fast charging has become a key pillar of public infrastructure as well.

The IONITY network is open to electric vehicles of all brands that use the standard CCS plug. All stations provide a consistent customer experience, barrier-free access, and customer support in nine languages available 24/7.

Blagojce Krivevski

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