LiveWire, Harley-Davidson’s electric motorcycle division, announces its entry into the European market, an exciting step in the company’s geographic expansion strategy and the electrification of motorcycling around the world.

The company introduced the LiveWire ONE to four European markets; Germany, France, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. LiveWire ONE reservations of €100 will secure priority delivery beginning later in April.

Set to launch in three colors, LiveWire ONE will be available in Nimbus Gray, Nightfall Blue, and Liquid Black. Reservations will be managed by the team at LiveWire Europe, offering a digital-first model where consumers can interact directly with the brand, choosing color, accessories, delivery timing and their preferred retailer.

With over thirty retailers across Europe, each equipped with specialist EV capabilities to support the LiveWire customer – this summer, LiveWire will host customer events and demo opportunities featuring the LiveWire ONE. Further information will be communicated via email and social channels – specific locations by country can be found on LiveWire’s website.

Soulful by design, the LiveWire ONE electric motorcycle is the new experience of speed and sound, delivering over 140 miles (225 km) of range in the city and over 90 miles (145 km) of mixed highway and city range. The 15.4 kWh pack powers the bike to a 0-100 km/h in 3.0 seconds. LiveWire ONE comes equipped with a full suite of advanced rider safety aids for traction control and ABS using a 6-axis IMU to adapt to a variety of skill levels and riding. Equipped with two charging methods as standard equipment, LiveWire ONE provides the ease of overnight charging using Level 1 and rapid charging via DC Fast Charge with times as short as 30 minutes in a 20% to 80% charging scenario.

All LiveWire ONE motorcycles are assembled at Harley-Davidson Vehicle Operations in York, PA.

LiveWire ONE MSRP inc. VAT:

– Germany €24,990
– France €25,290
– Netherlands €25,390
– U.K. £22,990

Blagojce Krivevski

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