Mapping federal charging network, EV charging tax, Mazda on EV range: Today’s Car News

A group helps map out the federal EV charging network. Kansas looks at taxing charging. And will EV range keep getting longer as batteries improve? This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Will future EVs keep offering longer range than previous models? Consider the CEO of Mazda in the U.S. as among many executives who aren’t planning on it—and instead see a future of smaller batteries, lighter EVs, and faster charging

Lawmakers in Kansas have called for a tax on public EV charging, but not home charging. Some are criticizing the proposal for its “double taxation,” as the state already hiked EV registration fees, and for how it disincentivizes those who live in apartments or condos. 

And according to a new study from a non-profit, it will take 1,104 EV fast-charging stations to fill out federal Alternative Fuels Corridors and lay the foundation for a federally funded national charging network of 500,000 charging sites. But it will definitely take more on higher-traffic routes and for connecting adjacent routes. 


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