MG4 EV Named UK Car of the Year 2023

In another triumph for electric vehicles, the MG4 has been crowned UK Car of the Year 2023. However, unlike 2022 when the top four cars were battery-powered, the MG’s closest competition came from internal combustion engined models at either end of the performance spectrum.

The budget seven-seat Dacia Jogger was a deserved runner-up, while third place outright went to Toyota’s GR86, which claimed the Best Coupé category in this year’s awards. Ultimately, the MG4 won by a considerable margin over its six other rivals to take the title of UK Car of the Year 2023.

“The MG4 proves that electric cars can be affordable, practical and appeal to all areas of the automotive market,” said John Challen, director of the UK Car of the Year Awards. “Fully charged, it offers more than enough miles for most journeys, while the design and driving dynamics tick two other important boxes for consumers. A deserved winner for the electric future.”

Alisdair Suttie, also a UK Car of the Year Awards director, continued: “MG has come up with the perfect car for our times. With plenty of range and quick charging, it takes the chore out of EV ownership and makes it a desirable way to travel. It’s simply a fantastic all-round family car.”

Receiving the winner’s trophy, Guy Pigounakis, MG UK’s commercial director, was thrilled with the victory. “The MG4 has proved to be a hit with both existing and new customers since it arrived in September last year  – and it is also hugely encouraging that so many expert reviewers hold the same opinion as well. We’d like to thank everyone at UK Car of the Year for this award – this is a significant achievement for MG.”

The 27-strong UK Car of the Year Awards panel was not short of praise for the MG4.

“The MG4 does everything better than anyone could have imagined for the budget,” reasoned Jonny Smith, host of the The Late Brake Show.

Meanwhile, Carwow’s Paul Barker described the MG4 as: “The car several other manufacturers will wish they had built. Proof that electric cars can be strikingly good looking while also relatively affordable, practical and usable.”

“MG has done a great job of bringing EVs to more people, thanks to its pricing,” commented Andrew Clews, host of The Motoring Podcast, while judge James Batchelor also picked up on this cost-effective theme: “An MG you can finally recommend on style, quality and value-for-money.”

“No other EV comes close to offering so much for relatively little outlay,” is how the Telegraph’s Paul Hudson viewed the MG4. “It looks good inside and out, drives way better than you might imagine and the range is more than competitive.”

“In a world where practical electric cars are all SUVs and priced to the sky, the MG4 offers genuine value-for-money. It brings EV ownership closer to reality for more people,” added Tom Ford, from Top Gear. Alex Grant hailed the arrival of the MG4 as “a watershed moment for EVs. It’s a real game-changer.”

Priced from just £26,995, the MG4 is positioned as an extremely competitive model, significantly undercutting rivals without compromising on design, technology or electric range.

Blagojce Krivevski

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