Nissan’s e-4ORCE video shows how innovative automotive technology can get tails wagging

Nissan released a new video highlighting how e-4ORCE technology has the potential to reduce motion sickness for both people and their canine companions.

Nissan’s latest 4WD system manages the forces at each wheel through control of the brakes and twin high-output motors. By integrating 4WD control, chassis and electrification technologies, e-4ORCE can mitigate pitch and dive under acceleration and braking. Less vehicle movement means a reduction in the body motion that can cause carsickness.

e-4ORCE can also calculate cornering loads in response to driver inputs and road conditions, then adjust the driving power of all four wheels. From everyday conditions to winding or slippery roads, this unprecedented system provides a powerful, responsive experience in all types of driving.

Available on the electrified Nissan X-Trail and all-electric Nissan Ariya SUVs, e-4ORCE improves ride comfort for everyone — including our four-legged friends — and gives drivers added confidence on challenging road surfaces.

Ryozo Hiraku, expert leader of Nissan’s powertrain and EV engineering division, says “When people hear ‘four-wheel drive,’ special situations like off-road or in snowy conditions usually come to mind. But e-4ORCE is much more than that. It takes the daily driving experience to a new level. During testing, more than 100 employees tried e-4ORCE and all noted they could feel the difference in ride quality.”

He adds, “I was happy when one of them said, ‘I don’t think my dog will get carsick in this.’ We hope the entire family, including your furry friends, will get to enjoy driving with e-4ORCE.”

Blagojce Krivevski

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