Tesla Model 3 Accessories: What To Buy ✅ & What To Avoid ❌

It’s a Tesla accessory extravaganza! It’s Brian Preston, the Buddy Guy so you’re gonna need an expert, a tour guide. I am an expert! What makes me an expert? I was the guy you knew in high school who had a thousand dollar car. A thousand dollar car builds lots of character but uh huh yeah lots of dates to make my thousand dollar car stand out I had four thousand dollars worth of accessories on it that’s a failure so but I’m curious though, Right, so we’re talking about accessories for the Tesla Model 3 this car needs accessories I mean surely it comes with everything that you need right it’s a Tesla go with me on this journey bow here’s what happens I signed up for this car March 31st 2016 okay I got this car at the end of April 2018 said two years to Lumineers to think dream but here’s the other brilliance of Tesla I would say brilliance because if it wasn’t you crying you ordered this car that’s right you ordered it’s not like you go down in the showroom and say yep that one right there that doodoo brown wouldn’t I want that one no you go pick out the color you want I wanted red I got a red car so you gonna pick out the grit the color you picked out the rims because I only got the basic stuff in the beginning right and then you gotta wait a month so with that month it’s like that the Tesla’s getting bigger you’re on your brain so you start you know you’re finding yourself going through the the Tesla forums then you find yourself going to these accessory websites let’s start with the exterior it’s pretty exciting first thing we’ve gotten a lot of comments from you guys you’re like Brian you look like you tinted the windows yep that’s exactly right we’re in Tennessee it’s a little warm yeah keep the heat down so we put some X I put expels ceramic nano window ten in here Nancy when I heard sir I was sold because that’s an upgrade when you see nano ceramic ceramic nano as I gotta have that I was fifty dollar upgrade it was a $300 tent job when I heard ceramic I thought about the Space Shuttle entering the Earth’s atmosphere and because Elon also SpaceX this thing very well may need to be able to enter Earth’s atmosphere at some point so the ceramic nanotechnology was perfect so that’s a $300 upgrade I give that a thumbs up because I plan on all through these accessories I’m going to tell you whether I think they’re good they’re bad are they yeah so the money got perspective should you spend the money should you not spend yeah I think that I think that one is definitely worth it 300 bucks okay first one 35% because guess what and Tennessee yes the most you can do that you know they want to keep people safe okay?

Let’s talk about wraps . You hear a lot of people you bother you you put a lot of money in this car and you’re like should I put a wrap on there? Maui this is a new phenomenon I don’t you know in the past you you put when I was like you know younger back when I was putting all that money I had a bra it’s not your mom’s bra it’s your bra for your car is what we used to do to protect the front end I kid you not Easter and it’s something we thought that looked good to put a black you know synthetic leather looking thing on the front to keep it from getting bugs chips and everything else and and the front end is very prominent in the model 3 because this car has a hard time trying to figure out if it’s a family day today on a sports sedan but the front end is very prominent so what I did once again it’s another product by expel I have the full hood wrapped in the paint protection film from ex bail so I got the full hood so you don’t see any seam lines anywhere on there and I didn’t want that but then I did a partial fender you can see that you can see the line right there it’s big it’s barely noticeable but I have all the defenders of partial fender full bumper is covered headlights are covered and then here’s the cool thing we also did I did the mirrors are covered in the paint film protection the rap and then even got the door frames so all of this aren’t areas that you’re going to need protection and will provide a protection now that all came from X pail also have from rpm Tesla ID on the same vein I had the same installer so I don’t because we bought from rpm Tesla unless you live where they are out in California you have to install it yourself and they give you all the tools for that but I also put luggage protection area you can see it right here there’s a little 3m film little little pollen dust let me wipe that off so yeah that’s why you have a films I’m not scratching don’t worry I’m not scratching the car but you can see it but this is anybody who has a car that you’re going to the airport pulling luggage out or just the day-to-day putting things in and out of your trunk you scratch up this area of your car pretty easily it makes sense to have a little protection there and so this is one of the things that’s really interesting right because you and I were having a conversation and look I know that your to count it you always have been so when you drive it’s not like you’re Evel Knievel you are a very conservative driver on the road but you can be the best driver in the world and driving on the interstate in a rock can pop up and hit your car and I said Ron you love this car so much and it’s so pretty how do you come to grips with that how are you okay with that daily risk every time you get in the driver’s seat well that’s what I will tell you once you get to a nicer level of car I think because this technology I don’t know it’s been around but wraps are actually realistically a good protection for your car now I’m following the driving like an accountant has changed with this car this car turned you into a hard driving person so they just because of a I’m a rebel I’m practically James Dean here but it is one of those things when I liked about the the paint film is that it’s self-healing too so if a rock hits it or something else is all it has to be as the temperature needs to be above a certain level and then itself Hills when it gets in enough heat and it also it helps because you’re gonna see when you drive a Tesla Model 3 the front end of this car because it does have a more sporty front end it’s very prominent on it so it’s gonna get just beat up by rocks bugs and everything else so I think you probably should put some type of film if this is a car you can plan on driving for five six eight years why not try to keep it nice when you can use that film so if you ask me is that upgrade worth it I like it I think it’s a thumbs-up so if you add it if you’re keeping track I paid that same vendor for the window tint as well as for the wraps it was right at $1,000 it was it was 30 of $1600 in total if you add all that up that leads me to my next upgrade that dealing the exterior and this one comes from evey annex and I got a lot of you guys sent me comments you noticed it the Model S and Model X all have chrome trim pieces on the back when the Model 3 came out it does not so I had time to buy all these accessories and really get it working and this is one of them I spent 129 dollars on this chrome piece but here’s the the truth of the matter it’s not really chrome it looks great I love the way it looks I’m even pleased with the way I installed it and it’s worked out well I don’t feel like it’s coming off it doesn’t feel cheap but it is kind of if bose you can feel it too it’s kind of a plastic piece it’s more plastic that looks Chrome you probably thought that was that look chrome but it’s more of a plastic rubber-type feel so if you’re a model 3 owner that’s that’s normally not there so if you are someone who wants your model 3 just stayin out on the road that’s a really easy what’s the cost of that 129 dollars but here’s the thing if you ask me is it I think it’s I think it is pretty I think it visually adds to the car but if you ask me the quality I think it’s a $49 upgrade okay so I think it’s a little premium the value doesn’t match so I get that more of a matte on the value versus appearance enough money is no object do it because I’m pretty pleased with the way it looks but value wise I think they’re getting a little bit of a premium on on that windshield wind noise reduction kit this is one more that I kind of probably over thought because I had a month while I was waiting for the car it’s a little essentially you’ll see it’s a little rubber piece that sits right in this channel up here between the roof and and and it and it cuts down wind noise I put it in the night I picked up the car so I have no idea if it actually lowered wind noise there are YouTube videos where people did it with and without and in according to their research it did work it might be working I do want to give this though I got this from rpm Tesla and it was $29 before the the 20% disc I’ve never had a problem with wind noise you know a lot of people in the the Tesla forums have complained that they think that there’s additional wind noise in their model threes I have not experienced that so either Tesla improved it or it very well could be this $29 upgrade that I put on so I would I would if I was since I’m happy with the interior cabin while I’m on the interstate at good speeds I would say I would buy this $29 upgrade again because I’m very happy with sounds another exterior upgrade I did now gonna blame this one on the one month waiting room it’s a little extra but it’s something right is I actually bought puddle lights for the Tesla Model 3 and you’re probably looking you bought what puddle lights now I’m only gonna I’m gonna zoom on the name that would here’s the problem and this is I bought these from rpm Tesla he probably noticing you can’t see them it’s because they light now you’re not supposed to be using exterior lights during daylight so we’re give them that but even it will show you I’ll take some pictures at night so we can put them over lay those in even when they’re bright there’s still it’s just mad it’s just not good I think there’s an aftermarket part that you bought that’s gonna go under your door that’s gonna cast a light down for what purpose okay now let me explain this will have a medial money guy okay there are times when it’s dark outside you open the door you want to know what’s in this area as you exit your car so you don’t step into a puddle hence the name puddle lights manufacturers I found out about this through Audi because we have an Audi that when you open the door it’s got these prominent LED the Rings the Audi rings right and it’s a showstopper I mean people when they see that on my wife’s car like wow that is so cool that you’re going shot that’s the first time I had experience with a puddle light because it has the logo for Audi on it so when I got the Tesla and I found out that it did indeed have puddle lights but they were just normal LED lights that shine down and I saw rpm Tesla had puddle lights that actually had the Tesla logo I was like why not because I think it was right around $40 before the 20% discount the problem is the the lights just are not quality enough to be prominent to actually show and I think they must recognize this too because I don’t see it on their website anymore so puddle lights they get a thumbs down and I see your hesitation if $39 when I think about all the shoes that you’re gonna save from those puddles that you were stepping in prior to put a light technology I think it makes all this remember oh we’re just trying to there’s going to be thousands of these we want to make this car stand out from all of its siblings perfect that’s not my favorite upgrade and then the last upgrade that I did on the exterior is probably the most important so best for last the Tesla wall charger this cost five hundred dollars buying it directly from Tesla they went oh the only option they had when I bought mom was this silver option but now for the same price and get a black one let’s move into the interior of the Model 3 and talk about accessories that we put in here the first one this is the most important because think about floor mats the floor mats that came with the Tesla Model 3 or more of your inline of your 1990s carpet floor mats before we had the rise of all-weather floor mats from companies like WeatherTech where it didn’t matter if you got mud spilled water you know a lot of additional protection got added well I’ve been frustrated because WeatherTech hasn’t made a floor mat an all-purpose all-weather you know type format for these things available in the first six months I’ve owned it now that has since changed I’m going to go over that but I bought the max max spider mats here and you can see I’m gonna pull one out so we get a closer view now well I’ve been driving around town putting my big ol 12 size 12 shoes on them but this is much cleaner than it would be because of those puddle lights that are keeping his feet dry I’m just pass the polarizer so here’s the thing you notice that there’s a carbon-fiber I’m in a shadow so let’s just there’s a carbon fiber type pattern on there but it’s completely all-weather waterproof I think it’s a it’s just a good-looking here’s what I like you know you have the the dead pedal here the same the Tesla yep this gives full protection now since I bought these Tesla has partnered with WeatherTech and they’ve got their own all-weather version that they sell for one hundred and forty five dollars directly through the Tesla website these costs two hundred and five dollars from a company called part catalogue calm okay if you go check that out two hundred five dollars the reviews that I’ve been reading these do a better job of actually because they create a better reservoir here if it’s actually spilled a pretty good chunk whereas the the WeatherTech Tesla ones don’t plus the you’ll notice on the Tesla ones they don’t provide full protection they actually cut off right here so you don’t get that that dead pedal protection that you have and I like because we all know the pivot point of your foot going between the accelerator and the brake not you use a lot of brake in this car it’s more of one one pedal driving but still it’s nice to have that protection since it is an extra wear point but these things go in and here’s the other cool feature about them this is a and this is actually a patented feature you can feel fill the back of that though Oh so that really so it doesn’t stick it I mean it’s just it’s kind of kind of textured yeah one negative that people keep complaining about is this logo people don’t like that logo they say it’s too prominent some people have taken their sharpies and colored that in it doesn’t maybe I’ve gotten old and just don’t care yeah but it doesn’t bother me but if you put it in just put it in here I mean it fits like a glove I mean you can tell that thing was and look in there I mean you can see it fully fits right in gives you full complete protection even covers that dead pedal and so you’d say from from a call standpoint this this was absolutely worth it you you recommend all-weather because look at the backseat because here’s let me show you some other things about the backseat I’m gonna let my seat up so we get even a better because I’m six you know 6-3 6-4 or six three taller than you taller than Bo but you can see what I like about the back see I’m gonna come around the other side so I can give you a full show pull my Vanna White what I like now it’s a little dirty because I’ve had people in here since I even cleaned it up the Tesla all whether one is stops about here so leaves this all this is carpet underneath here I like how in this version it actually there’s this dead space right here it actually provides even additional protection right there so the kids spilled milk juice boxes cokes you know I seize anything that’s just horrible that you’re worried they’re going to spill spill you got full complete protection right here and it actually looks pretty good and it’s easy to clean out so I like these things now the the Tesla doug has come out since they’ve partnered Tesla partnered directly with WeatherTech and they now make these all rubber all-weather mats for a hundred and forty five dollars the problem you’ll see they don’t give full protection like these these max spider mats do and and and and I think that’s more valuable you just have to ask yourself is it fifty dollars fifty to sixty dollars more valuable all right but for me I give these a thumbs up I think it’s a good upgrade I got it from park catalog calm one of the things I want all of our viewers to know is that what’s going to make this video different from other videos on upgrades or features you can put on your model three is that we took no none of these products we’re free none of these products were comped we paid for everything that’s in this car and then the next one is one that is no kickbacks if you buy exactly right so there’s no there’s no nothing like that that is currently set up as we’re doing these videos so this is one of my favorite interior features because I think it’s almost it’s is what it is as a group of engineers have essentially perfected something that Tesla probably just overlooked and should have done for us Tesla owners naturally and that’s right here Tesla gave us this great location to store your smartphones but the problem is you know and what Tesla did when you buy a Model 3 from the factory they have these where you have to do a traditional plugin through a lightning cable at the bottom here I mean ambiance it’s not functional because that lightning cable is you can have it hanging out but it just it was a pain to use what you end up doing is what I have done is you end up having using the the power that’s in the glove box and then I have just the typical lightning that’s plugged into that that adapter and that just doesn’t look very clean yeah what I like once you get to newer phones Jetta wireless pads lets you turn these into charge stations and this is actually my second charge station that bond I originally bought one from rpm Tesla and and look rpm Tesla when I returned it I bought a charge base from them I sent it back and I said look I just I didn’t love it because what what theirs was set up was they had the charge puck and then they just had this this this cover that went over it but it just didn’t look like an all-in-one type solution and when I returned it they were very nice and took it back but they said and they said yeah we’re already designing our second generation so they might even have that fixed but Jetta why these Jetta wireless pads $99 you buy directly from them they have it all built in as one piece I mean this whole thing lifts out is a one-piece it’s got a nice little divider it’s got these channels to keep it you can see where the charge pucks are based upon where the lightning bolts are and what easiest is I mean as soon as I put my put my phone on there you see now it says a hundred percent charged I mean it’s it comes right to life and charges and then you know we have both of them plugged in Bose comes to life and it’s so easy to connect these things I mean I’m gonna pull it up don’t pay attention to my list care package that I give out no it’s um you can see there’s two USB part ports right here you plug right in and if you still want to have an ability because we all know with the software 9 they just came out there’s a dashcam that you can now enable on your feature I actually went on Amazon and just bought a quick little four or five dollar splitter so I could still keep my my charge pad working and then split it to where I had a data port as well the charge port so I could plug my little thumb drive in so we could also enable the the dashcam but this this charge base is spectacular I’ve been very very happy this thing is $99 you’re gonna order it directly from them it’s a group of Engineers so I like this product I give it a thumbs up there’s also this is okay this is where you can tell I was bored I’m almost embarrassed to go over these these last three interior upgrades but you weren’t embarrassed about the puddle lights no because some people people are gonna think that that’s not crazy okay I mean I’m disappointed they’re not as good as they should be but these I’m kind of disappointed but I want to be full transparent with all my viewers the first one I change holder now this is a mess I’ve got to move some of my stuff out I don’t know if you can see it I have a Tesla change purse well I know fun I bought this from from rpm Tesla for $before the 20% discount when you say change you mean like quarters it’s doing such a good job that I have some quarters and nickels how I’ll sitting next to the change first that is a fail is that before when you stopped at the pay phone is that what’s going on some some states have tolls when was the last time you drove through a toll road Florida far to steal hostels so that’s a little bit of an extra here’s another one I’m gonna go ahead and confess to you I bought this one well let me go and show you my chick-fil-a napkins out this is not standard this little tray this little stopper here in the glove box what does it do this keeps like look what watch it again watch it well that’s the bad stuff I almost came out did you see it you mean to tell me I almost came out watch again how many we can do this watch it oh I almost came out in your world you had the problem that needed solving of opening your glove box and stuff falling out of it that came from evie annex 1995 I think do it again I think that is purpose think about it that was open and I hit the accelerator and we hit that just you know heart and you know the thunderous bolt of acceleration everything I they would be on the ground if your glovebox open in a high-speed chase no you never know you might need it so that’s that and then here’s the last one it’s not branded but I bought this also from TV annex sunglass holder you know because the Tesla’s didn’t come with a sunglass holder so that’s alright because you can go to evey an X and for 1495 you can get this it’s got this black carbon fiber type design built into it I don’t know why this is sold as a model 3 accessory but it works and I actually use it so where they sold out of the CD sleeve that goes in your visor where you put your compact disc now look I don’t use CDs anymore but I definitely use sunglasses so 1495 I mean truthfully I give this a it’s impractical but maybe I paid a premium I mean you probably buy that same thing for you know $$on Amazon but it looks good I mean I’m not complaining about it so I don’t think I got ripped off but it’s a it’s probably from a value standpoint smore of a man so it’s kind of a in-between but those are my you know interior upgrades as you can see I I’ve thought about this a lot I know a lot of you guys out there in the the Tesla family you’ve also you know you’re in the waiting room you’re waiting to get your Tesla these are the type of things you want to know what’s giving you value what’s going to get make your car stand out and what’s gonna protect your investment I mean I could have got a even tack here than I did this car still looks pretty much stock but it’s enough to where it stands out enough to where you guys have written us who’ve watched other Tesla’s shows and said hey where did you get that chrome strip hey what’s the 10th hey what out you know so I do think that there are people just like me that you go trying to figure out how can I add a little bit more usability or even make my car stand out a little bit more than everybody sure that’s all we’re trying to do so go look at these things if you like our content this is the money guys show I’m your host Brian Preston you know but we’re feeling advisers this is not our normal content but if they want to reach out to us and know how to even reach it and know more about our personal finance what can they do yes step one go ahead and subscribe down below so that way you get updated every time we upload a new video then they go check out our website money guy comm you can look at all of our past content all of our archive sign up to it for our email list and we’re gonna help teach you how to go beyond common sense with all of your finances even when it comes to accessorizing your automobile and not get ripped off

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