Tesla Model 3 Hypermile World Record!

Stefan Moeller is the managing director of next move and in this video you’re watching right now a model 3 drive around a test track and you might be thinking to yourself that this isn’t a big deal,  just a model 3 on a test track but this is no regular model 3 right this is a model 3 that just hyper miled the world record!tell me about what you just did it’s a little special because Tesla gives us no support for his cars so it’s not easier to have him here and everything I have to go find with them and we plant a new hypermiling record just drive a model 3 as long as possible so you’re driving about 38 kilometers an hour for about 28 hours straight right yes and what was your total mileage your total distance that you went total distance we had to model 3 it was 1001 kilometer with on 1 model 3 and 979 kilometers with the other model 3 and we have to talk about the drive of, yeah lets talk about that yeah so you had one model 3 with the regular drivers that kept changing every few hours but then the second model 3 the one that went further how did you make that one go because as we’re seeing right now that doesn’t look like a real driver in there yes we did use the Tesla autopilot for the whole distance around was around six kilometers long so around nine to ten minutes for one lap yes Elon Musk did send the Starman to space and we tried to spacy like spaceman the car drove are meant for the whole time.

I was sitting at the second seat for the first hour, but only to check everything if the systems work how we want; no damages, no accidents with the car, and also they and also through the day and the whole night the car drove alone and a few times we we call to the car to change some some cameras, some setups and we also had a DreamCase in the car: a special bed for Tesla cars and put Spaceman overnight Spacey overnight into a DreamCase so that he could sleep and the car drove only also in the night but Spacey was in the back. Well yeah let’s talk about the DreamCase. So I just heard from my friend William over a DreamCase that they’ve come out with a DreamCase for the model 3 which is so exciting and so that was the dream case for the model 3 in the back of the model 3 and Spacey which I guess is Starman’s brother? Right? was basically taking a nap in the back of the model 3 how was the bed first of all was it comfortable? I think so! I did not check it myself, I’m two meters tall use the whole distance in the model 3 I can I can lay in my model 3.

At my size and for Spacey it was a little small for me it was comfortable I think so and the special thing is that Spacey was better driver than the drivers from our team so this (Spacey’s) model 3 drove a farther distance. Yeah so is that because Spacey weighs less than the real people in the in the other model 3 I’m not sure maybe some some differences in the battery maybe also we autopilot better? For example, the human drivers drove for one to four hours so we had more changes in and every stop and every change of the driver costs some small amount of the total distance. The other model 3 had different tires but I thought the better tires! How did you get the car to stay in autopilot? Well, there are a few videos see on YouTube there’s special gimmicks (glitches) for the steering wheel for Tesla though it’s forbidden.

We had a few weights at the steering wheel and a second heavy weight weight on the driver seat. You need to fix the seat belt, and if you open the second door The autopilot stops so we had to go through the window. I was wondering why you had to go through the window so that was to fool the car so you climbed out while the car was moving you had to have a car pull in front of it to go slow- yes we did stop yes we did stop the car the autopilots stays active if you stop but not for four five minutes I think one or two minutes and so we could keep the car little rolling for show and we did also leave the window a little open because we were not quite sure if Spacey would let us in if we catch the car maybe it’s closed then we outside and so we thought “better leave the window a little open” What was your plan if it went out of autopilot so I know you tested it for about an hour while you sat in the car but what if like on hour 14 it went out of autopilot did you have a plan? If the autopilot stopped it’s not so difficult because the car stays in the lane no problem we can restart the car.

The problem is if he goes over a lane. And and now what were some of your challenges getting this arranged like you had to get two model threes into Germany I mean that must’ve been a challenge. It was a challenge it took a few weeks a lot of money and the reason why we did it is many many people here in Germany have reserved the model 3 and have never seen it. “Is it a large car? “Is it a small car?” “How was the feeling?” “How is the interior?” and “We want to see it.” We get emails from customers asking “How can we transport our dog in the model 3?” and we went we made an event with around 250 test drives of registered people and maybe we want to do some more events like this for people in Germany and Europe to let them see the model 3 and to drive a model 3 because Tesla doesn’t do anything like that.

Thank you for doing that that is so awesome that you’re sharing what’s going on and I want to talk about your company so next move which you are the managing director of you are the leading electric car rental company in Germany and you have availability in eight cities in Germany right now. Yes we have around 200 cars, there are a few Teslas, around 40 Teslas and exciting cars that people want to want to test.

Well thank you so much for joining us today you took time out from your vacation to tell us about this I’m so excited to be sharing this with our viewers about this amazing hyper mile world record that you guys just broke in the model 3 that took so much work and so much ingenuity I mean you have to climb out of windows and and put Starman in there that’s just amazing so thank you for sharing that with us. Yes, we also have a model S on the road, and we also broke the record with serial electric car so we went 50 kilometers more than the previous record, and broke 700 miles with the model S That’s right I totally forgot, I was so excited about the model 3! yeah you guys did let’s see on a hundred kilowatt hour battery you went eleven hundred and twenty eight kilometers in a model S in a 100 D that’s that’s amazing too – it just I forgot all about it because I was watching Spacey there but yeah you guys Wow incredible work you guys did well that’s great thank you so much again for joining us and and thank you for doing everything you do at next move what a fantastic company letting people drive electric cars all throughout Germany.

So thank you from the internet enjoy our videos! Thanks so much Stefan thanks so much for watching now you know we work hard to bring you videos about things that we think you’ll find useful but we need to know from you what you want to see so leave your comments below also don’t forget to go over to our patreon page where for as little as a buck a month you can watch our patreon bonus story every week on Tesla time news thanks again we’ll see you soon.

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