Tesla Model 3: Top 20 Tips & Tricks!

So we are back in the Tesla Model 3 for this video so yeah these are my top 20 tips and tricks for the Model 3 if you’re an owner already you probably already know about some of these I’ve been keeping a list of all the things that I’ve learned along the way for the past couple months so these are the best 20 tips and tricks that I’ve found for the Model 3 now one of the subtle things that like about the Model 3 over a gasoline vehicle is the way you can change between gears between reverse and drive without pressing the brake as long as you’re doing five miles an hour or under so I’m going to show you kind of what it looks like right now and I use this all the time.

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it’s very useful now I’m in Reverse okay I’m gonna go reverse five miles an hour and without pressing the brake I’m going to change it into drive and now I can immediately instant instantly go into Drive now I’m in dry right now in Reverse drive reverse without pressing the brake so you can instantly change between gears which is awesome so I’m on cruise control right now and we all know that you can use the right scroll wheel to adjust your cruise control speed here’s a little tip though when you’re on cruise control and you speed up maybe you go into a new speed limit zone and you need to go faster I’m gonna speed up cruise is still enabled I’m speeding up and once you reach your desired speed you can just scroll hit the scroll wheel and what that does is automatically sets your cruise control speed to your new speed without disengaging and re-enabling cruise control so sometimes you’ll need to reboot the car or the touchscreen for example if the web browser does not work maybe it won’t load it’s easy to fix that all you gotta do is reboot the touchscreen so to do that you hold down the scroll buttons both of them at the same time press and hold for a few seconds and the display will reboot and that’s called a salt-free but I’ll have to call it the soft reboot because it only reboots the display and you can do this while driving the car and it will let you to continue driving the car and you can control the car drive it all that stuff you just won’t see anything on the screen.

It takes about 1 minute or so for the screen to reboot now you can also do a hard reboot which actually reboots the entire car and that’s the same way the same process you hold down both scrollwheel buttons but also press the brake at the same time so when you press the brake and then hold down both these buttons you cannot drive while doing a hard reboot that will do a hard rebooting to actually reboot the entire car now I’m not a huge fan of the way the dash in the glovebox come finished with the car it’s got a the finish on it it scratches and scuffs pretty easily I scratched and scuffed mine up within the first few weeks of having my car and with that with a cloth and it scared me I thought it was permanently scratched but I did some research and I found this awesome 303 UV protectant spray I’ll leave a link at the Amazon link in the description below for you to check out but I highly recommend putting this stuff stuff on as soon as possible you can use it on the dash in the glovebox on that type of finish in the car and what it does it gives it a very nice matte slick finish that really protects the dash and it pretty much made all my scuffs and scratches disappear and it now it’s protected from future scuffs so now I use the same cloth that I used to use and it doesn’t show scratches and it’s very slick it’s got a really nice protective finish on it so how do you break them in that so sometimes the touchscreen can be a little bit cumbersome when you have to tap in different areas of the touch me especially while driving so the app switcher so if you’re right here at the third icon if you tap on that you got these little different apps that you can they can bring up a web browser for example there you go now if I want to quickly bring that up it brings up the last app I have all you do is swipe up and it brings up the window the last app that you had open and you can swipe down as well so instead of having to actually tap right here and then tap right here and then tap close you can just swipe up swipe down swipe up shut down and you can also do similar things with the music so if you have the music open instead of having to tap on the music and then swipe it up and then swipe all the way up to bring it full-size if you just tap this album artwork it does it for you instead of having to actually drag it each time tap it each time so and then also you can do it from here you can swipe up from the music icon swipe up swipe down so that helps out with the music and then of course with the volume you can swipe this way with the volume instead of doing a little little by little and it works the same way with the climate control when the climate control is on you can swipe left and right hold down and move left and right to adjust the temperature a quick way to set auto pilot speed to the speed limit if you’re on autopilot so autopilot is engaged right now if there’s a speed limit sign just tap the speed limit sign and your autopilot will automatically adjust to the speed limit so when you remotely turn on the climate from the app it turns on all the seat warmers by default which is kind of weird but to quickly turn all of them off without having to individually select all of them just hold down on the driver seat and it will automatically turn off all the seat warmers this next tip is not useful at all it doesn’t do anything it’s just a little hidden easter egg so on the app switcher under the call icon if you hold down on the call it changes the word call to ahoy-hoy so like I said not useful at all it’s just something something fun that the Tesla programmers threw in there now we all know that autopilot asks you to keep your hand on the wheel at all times some people don’t like that I think it’s a nuisance they’d rather just not have their hands on the wheel at all in order to do this in a comfortable way without even realizing realizing that you’re holding the wheel and to please autopilot not have it pop up the alert that you’re not how you will this is the best way this is the best position I found so what you want to do is set your seat position in your steering wheel position in a way that you can literally just put your right elbow on the console and then have your right hand right here on the corner of the steering wheel and when you do this you literally not put it you’re not holding the wheel at all like clinching it you’re literally just resting your arm on the console on the armrest and then on the steering wheel it keeps autopilot satisfied enough to where it doesn’t alert you and then you’re not even really don’t even feel like you’re holding the wheel you just it feels like you’re just resting your hand so that is the best position I found for autopilot now if you’ve already set your home and work addresses in your model 3 in order to quickly navigate to one of those so depending on where you are if you’re at work and you want to navigate home or vice versa ok as quickly swipe to the right like on the Navigon the navigate button or swipe down on the navigate button either way they both do the same thing it’ll navigate to home if you’re at work and we’ll navigate to work or if you’re at home so just a quick way to navigate to your favorite locations home and work and then also quick little tip in the in the addresses the recent addresses if you want to delete something just swipe right and it’ll delete it right there from the recent addresses now if you do see an alert from autopilot instead of nudging the will you can actually stroll the right stroll will and it will dismiss that autopilot alert so just another alternative way to dismiss the autopilot if it doesn’t recognize your hands now when you turn on the defroster it automatically turns on the climate control if you didn’t have that climate control on and it leaves it on after you turn off the defroster a way to get around that and to actually just turn it all the way off completely the cold entire climate control if you turn on the defroster and the defroster is done and you want to turn it off instead of tapping it here it leaves the climate control on so if you just want to turn the whole thing off hold it down for about three seconds and it turns everything off so next time you turned your defroster on and it’s defrosted do you want to just just hold down the fan icon for a couple seconds and it will turn everything back off now most owners already know this but in case you don’t I’ll go over it now we all know about the windshield wiper icon on the touchscreen if you touch that it brings up the windshield wiper icon and then you have to touch it again to actually enable the wipers well a quick shortcut to bring up the windshield wiper icon is to not just not tap it but to press in on the windshield wiper button on the left stalk so if you press in it turns the wipers on one time but it also brings up the windshield wiper icon on the touchscreen if I need to initiate the wipers what I usually do is I just press the Left windshield wiper button and then turn it on from here so it’s a press in and then a tap instead of doing a two tab now what I would love to see I would love to see this in a future software update would be the ability to double press the windshield wiper button on the stalk to actually turn on the wipers without needing to touch the screen at all which will bring us into our our next tip which is the bug report so when you are you have voice activation with the right scroll wheel right if you press in you can do voice activation voice commands well one of the voice commands you can do is the bug report so if I press the voice activation and say bug report you can give Tesla your feedback so I’ll do that right now bug report I would love to be able to turn on my wipers by double tapping on the Left windshield wiper button and you can see that it said thanks for your feedback so that hopefully you got sent to Tesla and maybe we’ll see that in a software update now if you have your settings set to show the the rated and mileage here by the battery you can see it has 199 miles of rated range left that to get a better more accurate estimated range left use the energy graph because this will go based on your last 30 miles so while you’re traveling this will give you a better right here this is the projected range which it says 186 miles projected range based on my last 30 miles and that will give you a little bit better more accurate projected range than just going by the rated range on the battery next next to the battery up here so try to use the the energy graph instead of using this now some people don’t actually realize this but the model 3 does have a 12 volt socket inside of it to charge you know like dash cams or phone chargers stuff like that it’s right inside the center console right there so this is the screen there’s your 12 volt socket now everybody loves romance mode it’s a big hit right so it turns on the heater and automatically puts this nice romantic fire on the screen well what if you don’t want to money what if you don’t want to have the heater on say you want to have romance mode in the summer you know why not well the only way to turn the heater off you can’t do anything on the screen while romance mode is enabled the only way to turn it off go to your climate and turn it off from there and now the heat is off but the fires still going strong so we all know that when you’re in Drive and you press and hold on the brake it gives it this hold function so where you can let your foot off the brake but it doesn’t go anywhere stays apart basically stays braked but you’re still in Drive well sometimes you forget to actually put it in park and sometimes you’ll open the door but if you open the door and when it’s on hold it automatically puts the car into park just for those times that you think that you have it in park when really it’s in hold it will automatically Park for you just to stay safe now most owners already know this but if you don’t make sure you’re setting your daily limit no more than 90 percent of your battery just for your daily driving this will maximize your battery life the only time you should be charging over 90 percent is if you’re going on a trip for normal daily driving I set mine to 80 percent and that seems to be the consensus amongst Tesla owners how to maximize your battery life so this was gonna be one of my tips however I left it here at the very last because I think Tesla just fixed this in a software update you used to be able to like whenever you had your car plugged in even if you had your phone in your pocket with Bluetooth enabled like what I have now my phone’s in my pocket with Bluetooth on if you tried to unlock this if you try to press the button it would stay log he won’t do anything it wouldn’t even unlock the car so that the tip was to just gently press in on this rear door if you gently press in on this it would unlock the car which would allow you to unlock the charging cable but now I think like I just tested it out like twice and it works so you can now unlock the charging cable with your phone in your pocket if bluetooth is enabled so there you go those are my top 20 or 19 tips and tricks for the Tesla Model 3 I hope you enjoyed this video if I left out any tips and tricks that you know about make sure you leave them down in the comment section below and share them with everybody thank you for watching if this video helped you out make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more Tesla videos in the future I’ll talk to you guys in the next one bye

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