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It’s been 2 years since I picked up my Tesla Model 3, and today I want to give you my long-term review, handling the issues that I’ve had – the pros and cons and what it’s really like to live with an electric car plus what I will be replacing it with. I have shared a few different videos of it over the last couple of years, including the collection day back in 2019 and even a 1 000-mile artery outing that i did in the summer. But today is all about my experience of owning and driving the  3. But first let’s talk about the performance and, the overall driving know-how of this car.

Now I went for the long stray version which has a 0 to 60 acceleration of 4.4 seconds. Now that’s pretty quick and it’s quicker than any previous car that I’ve owned, which was around 5.2 seconds, but it’s not just about the dominance it’s the pull! It’s when you put your foot down that feeling never gets old and it’s pretty addictive, but back in my one-year review I did say that I would never get bored of the power, but only a few months later I did actually buy that acceleration increase!  For 1 500 Pounds that increased the 0 to 60 to from 4 seconds to 3.7 but that half a second or so has made it feel like a whole new car and surely scratched that itch for more speed.





But 1500 pounds is a lot to spend on half a second, but it would have cost far more than that in a petrol car to get the same results every person I’ve taken out in this car is generally blown away by just how fast it feels and again, because there’s no slowdown, there’s no gears, it’s just torque. Now the go, comfort and manage to me is actually reasonably decent. It feels house and planted. In fact, it feels like it’s on rails, when you’re really pushing on the braking is incredible. It’s very rare that I use the actual restraint pedal as the car will brake for me.

When I let off the accelerator over duration, you learn to feather the accelerator pedal as you want to brake, and it directs perfectly every time. A lot has asked me whether I miss the racket of an exhaust. Well, I kind of do and don’t. I love the sound of my speed or a v6 engine but there’s something awesome about being able to drive around in stealth mode, no matter how fast I’m going or intensifying nobody can hear me.

I don’t miss not having a sound on this vehicle, so the form of an automobile is obviously subjective. Don’t all drive the same make or model. So while some will love the search of this car others will detest the mannequin 3. Personally, i think it looks really nice it’s clean. It’s negligible looking it’s , not too busy or in your face it reviews jaunty without being aggressively styled.

I’ve made a handful of changes to mine, nothing drastic, like adding a spoiler to the rear, removing the aerial wheel and using vinyl plates instead of plastic. I’ve likewise contributed some interior accessories like, the metal hoof pedals instead of rubber the center column. I’ve included this with a matte black extend. Then I’ve added some concoctions from Jeddah, including a silver tray and some other accessories, including a wireless charger. Most of these supplementaries are now included.

With the newer prototypes, but at the time they were worth adding for me in general, i still get a lot of comments about this auto, even though these are everywhere. People still ask me what it is or what it’s like to drive. It clearly stands out, but not in a kind of a super car wayit merely seems clean-living and it just looks nice. Day-To-Day use is an absolute breeze and if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like having to charge an electric car. There’s good-for-nothing to worry about.

I charge mine to 80 and will get around 230 to 240 miles. It could last me an entire week before needing to charge it again, but normally i push it. In immediately, the battery gets to about 30 to 40 percentage. Charging at home is massively underrated, being able to pull up on the drive each night, open the port and plug in a cable in which takes me about1 0 seconds and that’s it then. The next morning is charged up and it’s ready to go 99 of my charging is done at home, and a full accusation from 0 to 100 will take roughly eight to ten hours, but typically I only need around three to four hours.

At most, the ease of charging at home is huge for me and going to a petrol station seems like a distant reminiscence. The thing is, I have spent 15 years fueling a car I’ve waited at a pump for four to five minutes and handed over 70 pounds for the pleasure but. I much opt this waking up to a charged car and even after two years is not a hassle and I’ve never forgotten to charge it array. Anxiety has never genuinely been a problem for me and there’s nothing really to think about. Will I be driving less than 250 miles tomorrow?

Is the car plugged in and was charging? That’s it’s only issue. If you know you need to do more than 300 miles in a set time, that’s when, you really need to think ahead. Now, when I pick the car up, a 100 cost would show around3 30 miles and an 80 fee would show about 270..

Today, it’s taken me 285 miles at 100 and 231 miles at 80. Now the array does take into account your recent driving style and I’ve been doing a lot of shorter outings. Lately, on my longer trips, though, i’ve not seen any pronounced difference in. What I’m able to get also winter represents a huge part in range, so i would expect to see a 20 to30 loss if I’ve not preheated the car, but i can easily get 230 to 250 miles out of a single charge which is more than enough for me. For a daily use, when it comes to longer road junkets, it’s not a problem.

I’ve done two 1 000 mile road trips now, and it’s pretty easy. I did actually paper one of these in a dedicated video back in the summer. I also regularly drive to Bristol, which is a 450 mile round trip. I stop once or maybe twice, using the services offered at the odd time where I do need to charge the car while traveling, i would stop the car after three or four hours use the toilet and grab something to eat.

While I’m doing that the car is charging and, it’s ready to go within 20 to 25 minutes plus, as i’ve got two small children. Three to four hours is long enough before stopping now consuming autopilot is awesome. I did not opt for the, full self drive packet. I’ve only got the free autopilot earlier today, i didn’t see the advantage to it and i really didn’t use it, but once you get on a long, boring road like the motorway it’s great, it’s been very reliable for me, steering accelerating and braking on his own. Now the extra cost of full self drive isn’t worth noting for me and my exert, it’s not something i would benefit from but if they brought out a monthly subscription.

I could experiment out and use for a few months. I would definitely give it a go, but it’s not worth me right. So let me talk to you about the running cost of a sit 3. So over the last two years i have extended 17 000 miles or about 700 miles a month. That’s a lot less than i would usually do, but that’s down to the restrictions in 2020 and the fact that “I’m working” from home.

I do have to charge the car between1 2. 30 am and 4 30 am to get that lower cost, but it necessitates it merely costs me around 3 pounds 75 for a full charge, which is around 250 to 300 miles. I’ve estimated that over the last two years it’s cost me about 270 pounds to charge at home or around 11 pounds 25 pence per month.

It could actually have cost less, but for the first few months I was on a more expensive tariff now, there is also some public charge. I need to include in those 17 000 miles, but i can say that I’ve never paid to freight the car while away from home. There are two reasons for this. One is that I make the effort to only choose free accuses, whether that’s at supermarkets like tesco or the shopping centers, then. The second reason is thanks to more than 450 parties abusing my referral code, i’ve got hundreds of thousands of free supercharger miles with tesla, but to be fully transparent with youthe free supercharger miles i have used over the last couple of years would have cost me 200 pounds.

If I had to pay in total, if it wasn’t for those three miles, it would have still exclusively cost me 470 pounds for two years of electric, which is still far less than a petrol car would have cost to ga it well. My last auto was a BMW 335 I and it struggled to get 30 miles per gallon, like for like over 17 000 miles. That would have cost me 3 400 pounds. So in fuel alone, I’ve saved 3 000 pounds. I’D guess 300 miles in the tesla would expense me 3 pounds 75, while in my age-old BMW it will cost me 62 pounds.

Obviously, if you have a car that does 40 or 50 miles per gallon, the cost will be alot less. Next up is policy, i’m with churchill, and my first year fee was 450 pounds. Then lastyear’s was 378. That’S a total of 828 pounds, i’ve just reincarnated again for next year and that’s comingat 430 pounds so a little bit more expensive, but still reasonably respectable and that’s also taken into account. The acceleration elevate that I’ve added other rush expenditures you’d normally expect to incur over the first.

Two years of ownership like servicing and petroleum varies, don’t really existother than the odd brake fluid change, which the car will induce you if it’s needed there aren’treally any other payments. Earlier this month i did deepen two of my rear tires as they were gettingclose to the legal limit and those tires expense me 372 pounds for the pair. The front are fine. Andthey have around four mil left on them. Then, as it’s an electric car, there’s no road tax to payeither, this intends over the last two years.

It’s cost me a total of one thousand four hundred and seventy pounds to keep the car on the road. That is a big saving over previous cars. My last car used to cost me more than four hundred pounds per year, precisely in sequence, tariff, that’s more than two years of electrical in this car. One of the best features of a tesla model 3 is the fact that it’s always improving, it’s always getting better. They are invariably pushing modernizes out with brand-new features for, either the phone app or the car itself.

You get a stimulated when there’s a new revise and you just install it and within 20 minutes, it’s good to go. When i got the car you couldn’t even watch sentry events back on the screen, you had to remove the usb stick from the car, push it into a laptop and check. What happened so if something had gone wrong with the car, while you’re away from it you wouldn’t know until you got home now, I’m so used to being able to watch sentry happens on the screenit just seems mad to think this is a new feature, another one when In reverse, it was able to show you the one camera and something i really wanted to see was if they could merge all three cameras together and now, when we settled the car in reverse, we can see all three cameras scheduled charging is, another one. So this could only be done within the car on the screen, but now this exists in the app. There ought to have consignments of other features, added that i can’t really “ve been thinking about”, but it exactly makes the car better.

Each meter you get a brand-new revise and don’t forget, there’s no cost for this even theui and the overall dash has had a change given a new fresher looking, so everything is controlledvia. The screen in the pattern 3. There is a lack of other buttons or self-controls in the car. Other thana couple of scroll motors on the steering wheel exercising the screen is easy, instinctive and it does everything that you need. Another question i get often is: is it strange having the speedo not in front of you and to the side?

Well, i can safely say, especially after two years: it’s not an issue at all. Instead of glancing down at the steering wheel, you merely glance slightly to the left, to see it but being able to access everything via the screen is both convenient and a ache. The large screen is awesome for planneds, music movies or other entertainment, and it’s great to see all of thesettings in one place, but when you’re driving you need to turn your heated seat on or reform theheater assures, it can be a little bit difficult. Of direction, you can use voice commands by pressingthe steering wheel button, but trying to watch the road while sounding the screen. Isn’T easy.

Other than that, though the screen is great, the delineates and navigation is really good and something that I use a great deal I like that. It says to you the estimated artillery that you’ll arrive with and ifyou’re not going to make it. It will redirect “youre going to” chargers along the way.

This really takes the planning out of the expedition, as the car will factor in those billing stops for you and being able to use. It for movies, Netflix and activities is great. My children cherish this, peculiarly when we’re charging all out shop and we’re waiting. Let me talk to you about the questions and the faults that i’ve had within the first two weeks of picking it up. The wipers stopped working completely during a weekend of heavy rain.

This meant the car was hazardous and literally undrivable. They try our best to diagnose it remotely and it turned out the plug that connects to the motor had come loose. I couldn’t drive it to them, so it had to be collected on a flatbed and returned a few days later. The second issue was down to the door alignment. So when you looked at the car from the side, you could see the doors didn’t line up properly.

This is more of a quality control, issue than a fracture, but it still wasn’t very pleasing. The final problem was a clicking or knocking sound. I was going from the pedals when turning. Fortunately, i recorded this and i transmitted it to my regional assistance core. They diagnosed it and booked me in it was actually fixed the same day and.

It was due to a lack of lubrication on the shaft that was over a year ago now and it’snot come back, so the body-build character is one of the most important things discussed online about Tesla for me once i’ve got those few problems sorted out. The residual of the car has been penalty , no dye issues or mechanical problems and nothing that a speedy assistance visit couldn’t sort. But the fact that any Tesla arrives with a faulting whether that’s a committee ceiling or an overspray only should not exist. Advice would be if you are buying a tesla, is give the car a full look over before signing for. It make sure you are 100 fortunate with it, but if you’ve got a good service center like I do at Tesla conducts.

They are great at sorting things out. So what improvements would i like? Tosee added to the model 3? Well, during my owned over the last couple of yearswe’ve, already seen a new facelift version that kind of asked the majority of members of my orders. Thingslike the brand-new powered boot that opens and closes automatically the thicker glass on the doorswhich will help with noise reduction.

Even the d chrome form on the outside, which i could do myself, but it’s a nice upgrade, but none of these changes actually persuasion me into swapping my vehicle and having applied it for the last two years. I actually don’t think i would change anything everything just undertakings as i would expect it to maybe just some better productivity, it’d be great, to see more miles from one charge. Now, if you’ve seen any of my previous tesla video you’ll know that i’ve always plugged my referral system as each referral that I got would get would get you and me 1 000 free supercharger miles, but a few months ago tesla actually stopped the referral program. It was a shame to see it go, but as the 1 000 miles is exclusively worth about 60 pounds, it’s not really a spate breaker when buying one. Now the remaining miles i’ve got will expire in around two years, but i don’t think I’ll ever get through them.

So you might be wondering what I’m going to replace the Model 3 with next. It’s probably no surprise. It’s going to be electric again, I’m fully converted now and I love the novelty of charging at home and the overall low overheads. I would love to get a model s or a Model X, but for me and my current situation. I exactly can’t apologize the cost.

100. 000. Pounds is a lot of money for a car, but “what I’ve been” sought is a tesla model y. I’Ve enjoyed the example 3 so much better. I make, the model y is likely to be the excellent improve it’s very similar, but it’s bigger plus as it’s a hatchback.

It necessitates it would be a little bit more practical for me and their own families now themodel y doesn’t opening in the uk until 2022 and i’d expect to see quarry by time 2022, which meansit could be a brand-new street trip, video on the path. So the last two years i’ve been with the model3 has been awesome. I’M really really satisfied i started for it. It was one of those decisions. Where I was on the fence for months, and i couldn’t really decide if i really wanted one, but it was definitely the liberty decision for me and if you’ve got any questions about this automobile or possession ofan electric car, please let me know in the comments and for those That are still here. If you’re here, because you used to watch my tesla material, i just wanted to apologize for not impelling fairly in the first year or so of having it. I had so much better. I wanted to share and so many videos. I wanted to publish, but since then i’ve had nothing else to add, i’d merely be repeating what, I’ve done already and it will probably bore the majority of members of you you’ve seen my artery errands my service inspects my charge and supplementary videos, hopefully next year I’ll be able to share more content When the pattern y arrives and with that in spirit, i is more likely to share that on my second channel.

So please make sure you go and sub to my second canal, where i will definitely upload more tesla content too well. You’ve just made it to the end of today’s video. So, thank you, for watching. Let me know in the comments: if you have or would have a tesla or would you go full electric and if not, what would persuade you to don’t forget to punched that like button subscribe to the channel and turn notifications on, so you don’t miss my next upload. You can also followme over on instagram and call until next time.



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