This Is Why You Should Believe in Your Dreams


We all have heard it countless times, “Believe in yourself!”, “Believe in your dreams!”. Why and how is another matter all together. So today I thought instead of telling you to believe in yourself and your dreams maybe I should tell you why and how to do that. Because let’s face, when you are down and feel like you want to give up. Even if somebody was to say to you, “Believe in yourself” or “Believe in your dreams”, you wouldn’t know exactly how to start and worse how to go about it exactly.

Decoding the why and how to believe in your dreams is going to be helpful to you so that you know how to harness the power within you to believe. With such power you will become unstoppable and never allow obstacles to distract you from pursuing your goals.

The “why” is simple, if you do not believe in something your effort and energy towards it reflect that. If I told you to fly to the moon you wouldn’t even try unless you have Elon Musk next to you and a couple of astronauts, why? because it seems unattainable you wouldn’t believe it can be done. However, if I told you run a 10km marathon, you would be more likely to act on it because it seems attainable. When we believe something can be achieved, our conscious and subconscious mind work better and influence us to take actions that make it possible to achieve our goals.

All things needed to succeed are born from believing in the possibility of your dream coming to life. Energy, hard work, resilience, failing and trying without giving up are all a product of believing in your dream. In the absence of the belief in your dreams the actions needed to succeed in your goal are impossible to take.

How to believe in your dream is simple but will require you to live more intentionally. Belief and confidence are all like muscle, you train the muscle by starting with the easier weight. We all have things that we have done that we never thought were possible before, maybe this is finding true love, or starting a career or a business. List all things that you thought were not possible before but you happened to achieve in your life. from that you should begin to see that anything you put your mind and energy into is actually possible to achieve.


Source by Phillip Ramphisa

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