Top 10 AMAZING Features Of The Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is an incredible car with an amazing driving experience modern interior and decent looks. It’s fun to drive, it’s good for the environment and finally Tesla has proven that you can have an all-electric vehicle that looks good and doesn’t completely break the bank so in this video I’m going to go over ten insane features of the Tesla Model 3 that make it such a special vehicle first off are these standard 18-inch wheels fitted here no they aren’t the best-looking but they’re incredibly unique in their design in fact according to the former head of aerodynamics for Tesla the wheel size and design is one of the most critical aspects for overall aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle you see the wheels themselves are alloy but on top of that lie these plastic caps now why would we have plastic hubcaps on a car this expensive well it’s not because they tried to save money by making an ugly or inexpensive wheel design it’s actually to increase efficiency check this out as air flows around the side of the car these caps actually allow air to more easily pass down the side of the car instead of getting trapped in the wheel well causing inefficiencies over all this actually leads to an aerodynamic efficiency and range extension increase of 10 percent that’s right 10 percent efficiency just by having these caps now the crazy part is if you aren’t a fan of it there is kind of a hidden benefit they’re actually removable check this out it’s not that hard to do all you have to do is grab them and give nice little tug and underneath lies the actual wheel itself now Tesla didn’t focus on design whatsoever it was all about minimizing mass and rolling inertia at low speeds in the city having that lowing rolling inertia and lower mass means better efficiency than at high speeds on the highway well we’ve got these to direct air around the side of the vehicle but the cool unintended benefit of this is you can actually change the way your wheels look whenever you want all you have to do is just remove these caps and then you’ve got a completely new wheel design and they actually for not focusing on design look really good there are of course optional 19 inch wheels for $1500 that don’t have this benefit the next insane feature has to do with the model threes key you see Tesla has revolutionized the modern day car key well there is no car key whatsoever actually so how do you get into the vehicle how do you lock and unlock it well there are one of two ways the first and coolest is the app you’ve got this Tesla app here where all you have to do is have your phone in your pocket you don’t even have to have the app open the phone connects to the car via bluetooth and when you get close to it it allows you to open the door so gonna put the phone in my pocket here walk up the car is currently locked and it senses that the app is near and I can just climb in the car now to drive the car you don’t even have to put your phone anywhere special all you have to do is put your foot on the brake put the car into drive probably close the door first and go ahead and pull away then the reverse holds true if you want to lock the vehicle all you have to do is shut the door and walk away from your model 3 the tesla app has a ton of cool functions in it for one if your vehicle is charging you can click on the charging icon there and see all of the information how much time it has left how many miles of range right now 239 miles of rain without actually having to go into the Tesla now we’ll go back here you can even set the climate inside of the car let’s say it’s really hot out you’re in the house and you want to cool down the car beforehand you can go ahead and do that same thing if it’s freezing you can heat up the car not completely unique to Tesla but still a cool feature but what’s really nice is you can lock and unlock your Tesla from anywhere in the world leave your car in a parking lot and forget if you locked it well no problem at all you can just click the lock and unlock button on the app or let’s say you’re somewhere and your friend left their wallet inside of the Tesla you can go ahead and open the vehicle for him they can grab their stuff and then lock it back up check out these additional features if we go on over to the controls panel we’ve got a series of controls that you can use on your Tesla Model 3 for instance if you’re lost in a parking lot late at night and want to locate the vehicle you can flash the headlights with the click of a button how cool is that now if you can’t find them via the headlights you can even honk the horn you can also open the front trunk as well as open the rear trunk just from the app itself there are also two additional modes that you can set using the app there is a valet mode where you can limit the vehicles acceleration and top speed it also locks the trunk so that nobody can steal your belongings there’s also a speed limiter if you give it to a friend that maybe is irresponsible or your younger kids you can set the exact top speed in which the Tesla Model 3 is able to reach but what happens if your phone runs out of battery or you leave it somewhere without the app how are you possibly going to get into the Tesla well there is one other unique way of getting into your Model 3 the second way of getting into the Tesla Model 3 is by using this key card it’s credit card shape fits very easily in your wallet and all you have to do is walk up to the model 3 and tap the key card right here on the b-pillar the vehicle goes head and unlocks Oh up the car and then to start it unlike the app where you don’t have to do anything all you have to do is place the key card right behind the cupholders and you’re ready to go what’s really cool actually is you don’t even need to remove this key card from your wallet if you have a thin enough wallet leave that in there you just pull that out and there you go just lock the Tesla we could walk away one of the Tesla Model 3 s crazy features is the interior itself it is incredibly minimalistic I mean all you have is this strip of dash with this very nice wood you can actually feel the grain to it feels high quality a steering wheel and a 15-inch screen there’s no buttons everywhere there’s no vents everywhere it’s really as simple as it gets and it improves visibility and also makes the cabin feel more airy speaking of the screen it controls nearly every single function of the vehicle and I mean everything from I’ll talk about the steering wheel to the air vents to the heated seats to a lot more than that now the screen itself the responsiveness is unbelievable its touchscreen and works just as well as any smartphone or tablet really good graphics as well and even has some hidden gems check this out we click the T button here scroll down you can draw on your test I wonder who drew that that’s really awkward there are even a series of Atari video games that you can play on your Tesla how crazy is that go ahead and click the logo we’ve got a series of options here asteroids lunar lander Missile Command centipede I’m not good at any of these games but we’re gonna attempt to play one briefly push to start it even has a little coin slot here with a push to eject logo series of controls are you gonna use this probably not but the fact that Tesla put the energy into making this thanks pretty cool check this out on the map we’ve got a list of all of the super charging stations in the United States so you can plan your route out if you want to make a long distance road trip in the Bay Area yeah there are a ton of them arguably one of the coolest features of the model 3 has to do with these two scrolling wheels on the steering wheel now normally you’re used to seeing some sort of label or indication that this would do volume up and down and maybe this would change the radio station but there’s no labels whatsoever it’s not really readily apparent what they actually do and that is because they have a multitude of functions depending upon what setting you are in in the multimedia system now if you’re listening to the radio yes these do control the volume but what happens if you’re in another mode so we’re gonna go ahead and click the car button here to bring up the set of controls if you click on mirrors if you notice you look throughout the cabin there’s no typical mirror adjustment on the side door panel here anywhere where you can adjust the location of the mirrors well those have been relocated to the steering wheel as it says here we have now clicked the left mirror if I scroll downwards the mirror points down if I scroll up the mirror points up push to the right and it tilts right push to the left and it tilts left pretty cool to have integrated into the steering wheel but the coolest thing is how it changes the tilt and telescope of the steering column itself click on the steering wheel button and check this out that’s awesome I can’t believe no one else’s thought of this I never thought in any car an impressive feature would have to do with the air-conditioning but Tesla has revolutionized something once again even in high-end exotics in the most luxurious vehicles in the world nobody’s done anything radical with the air-conditioning vents sure a little bit of design language maybe nicer materials but Tesla has changed the game they have one enormous air vent that spans all the way from the left to the right side of the dash that blows air this way now you’re probably thinking well that’s good and although all the other air vents have toggles and switches so I can adjust the air flow so it’s pointed up or down or left or right well Tesla has done that in an extraordinarily unique way see there is a secondary vent that runs along the dash right here that actually blows air upwards that upward air meets with the horizontal air to adjust the angle of the airflow pointed at you how crazy is that now how do you control it all obviously with the touch screen here go ahead and click the climate button and you’re brought up with this beautiful display with some of the coolest graphics I’ve ever seen definitely the coolest graphics for air flow in a vehicle on the market but it’s showing the air just flowing out from the vents and check out what you can do if you touch your finger to the side now I’m pointing the air to the right for the passenger pointing it to the left pointing it up then you can actually touch two fingers to split the air direction on the passenger side into to move those individually up and down and you can do the same on the driver’s side really really cool works well honestly props for the innovation this next feature is so simple yet shockingly overlooked by almost every single auto manufacturer and that is a convenient place to put yourself phone where you can charge it and still visibly see the screen why do you need to see the screen other than for doing illegal things like checking text using maps applications now the Tesla maps are quite nice but if you wanted to use Waze for instance to see the location of police officers communicate with other ways errs you can’t do so you’ve got to use your cell phone it seems so strange to me that car manufacturers think that the most ideal spot for your phone is in a random cup holder or let’s charge it in the center console here where you can’t get access to it or even in the glove box but Tesla has done a fantastic job I think the best job of any car maker at integrating your phone seamlessly check this out we’ve got this beautiful center console here although it does pick up quite a bit of fingerprints because it is this shiny black go ahead and click there it’s magnetic releases upwards right here you have a tilted spot for your phone to sip so you can place your phone here and easily see the screen if you look even closer you’ll notice that there are even little ports at the bottom where you can slot in different charging devices so if you’ve got the lightning cable or you need to charge your Android you can easily wrap them in through here and plug them into the USB ports in the front of the compartment here it’s super simple easy to you is compatible with all different types of phones you’ve got your own little docking station where you can actually use your Maps apps without having to buy an aftermarket window unit or vent unit next up is the cars backup camera obviously when you flick it into reverse up pops a camera so you can see behind you kind of the industry standard nowadays in cars that are of any price whatsoever but this backup camera is phenomenal the display is absolutely massive and crystal clear you turn the steering wheel like most backup cameras it has guidelines to show you where the vehicle is going to go but one thing I have never seen before is an exact readout of how far you are away from an object what do I mean by that so I’m going to go in reverse now back up into a parking spot and as I get close to this wall behind me it is going to tell me exactly how far away from the wall I am in inches there we go a little closer I am currently 29 inches away from the wall go a little closer seventeen inches away from the wall now why is this useful why do you need to know the exact amount of inches you are away well oftentimes it’s difficult to tell the position of the camera relative to the bumper relative to the object you are backing up into some cars have guidelines like a red line that goes across the screen but you’re not sure is that a recommendation or if you cross that red line are you gonna crash this way you know the exact amount down to the inch how far you are away so hopefully you don’t damage your beautiful Tesla next up has to do with speeding in the Tesla every car you’ve ever driven you’re holding on to the steering wheel and in front of the wheel is a tachometer and a speedometer so you can see how fast you are going well Tesla decided to completely change that right in front of the steering wheel is nothing in fact it’s the air-vent then there is just open space and you get a bit more visibility this way looking out over the hood so that’s nice but then where did they put the speedometer well it turns out it is located on the screen the difficulty is its up and to the right so it is insane that they’ve relocated the speedo from every single place you have known it to ever be to a new location which has its pluses for the visibility standpoint but it does have its major drawbacks imagine in this scenario you’re driving in a place you’re unfamiliar with like right now let’s say you’re using the navigation on the screen so you’re going to have to use turn-by-turn directions to figure out where to go at the same time you don’t want to get a ticket so you’re having to look at the speed but you can’t just look at the speed right in front of you as you’re looking down the road there’s really no way to focus on the road and focus on the speedo at the exact same time it’s actually impossible because of its location and distance so that means as you’re driving down the road and unfamiliar territory you’re looking down and to the right and down into the right over and over again and it is quite distracting my solution to this is for Tesla to integrate a heads-up display unit that projects the speed right in front of you and turn-by-turn directions lots of other cars have it it’d be an easy way to have essentially no change in visibility keep everything simple but have that added a little bit of safety feature so you’re not taking your eyes off the road next up is one of Tesla’s claims to fame autopilot despite being the entry-level model the Tesla Model 3 still comes with autopilot that means when activated the vehicle can steer itself in a lane around corners slow itself down with traffic speed itself back up all without you touching the steering wheel now this isn’t unique to Tesla Mercedes has a very good system as well as does BMW but Tesla’s works better than any other auto manufacturer it’s more reliable it just seems like it’s a more confident system a lot of times in my Mercedes it just doesn’t want to take the corner even though it says it’s going to and that’s very scary you have to the utmost reliability of an autonomous system for it to be effective in order to activate it you click downwards twice on the stalk here I have activated the autonomous driving mode and it is steering me in the lane following the flow of traffic a little bit scary but you know what I trust in the system now there is another level of autopilot called enhanced autopilot for $5,000 you can upgrade your model free to have enhanced autopilot which gives it several different features one being automatic lane changes so if you signal you can actually signal and then the Tesla will drive itself over into that lane if it is clear it can also exit freeways and go on to other freeways all in one motion without having to touch the steering limit that is impressive now I’m talking to you without my hands on the wheel and the vehicle is confidently going along I got a little warning that says apply light force to steering wheel I’ve done that and now we have resumed the system now for an extra $3,000 you have fully autonomous driving hardware now it’s not fully autonomous yet that’s because of legislation but it would give you the capability of having a fully autonomous point-a to point-b Tesla what’s really cool as they’ve even integrated it with your phones Palamon so get this for the future when this can finally happen you’ve got a doctor’s appointment at yeah your Tesla knows that it’s connected you can then without doing anything set foot in the Tesla and it would drive you to your doctor’s appointment without you doing anything arriving on time that is pretty awesome who knows how long that will take but I can’t wait for that day to come now lastly because we have this semi autonomous driving we have a lot of sensors in the car and those sensors can be used for various different things one of which is a very cool graphics display of the traffic around you right now I’m going through traffic and it’s showing me a series of cars around me exactly like it appeared in real life check this out we’ve got two cars in front of me and then three cars to the side as well as two cars behind me all showing up on the display and as those trucks pass by they’re right there now how often are you actually going to use this feature that’s to be determined but it is very cool especially useful as a triple check for your blind spot so you look over your shoulder you look in your mirrors I think you could look down here and see oh shoot there actually is a vehicle in my blind spot I should probably not go it’s also interesting how it’s judging the size of the vehicles around you pretty accurately when those trucks drove by they were bigger on the screen than the smaller compact golf that’s in front of me well guys there you have it ten insane features of the Tesla Model 3 I absolutely love this vehicle if you’re looking into one seriously I recommend it with flying colors oh what a good car I hope you guys enjoyed this review like always please browse the channel and subscribe I look forward to seeing you next you

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