Trio of Cadillac EVs to debut in 2023, start production in 2024

Cadillac’s slow rollout of EVs seems to be a precursor to a flood that’s on the way.

On Wednesday during a media briefing, Cadillac Global Vice President Ron Harvey confirmed the luxury automaker will debut three new EVs in 2023.

Harvey said all three EVs will go into production in 2024, but it gets complicated from there.

Some of the undisclosed EVs will be global vehicles sold in multiple markets. This will lead to them being produced in multiple factories in different regions with staggered rollouts for various markets.

Harvey would not comment on what type of vehicles these new EVs will be in regards to body style or any other details.

General Motors has filed trademarks for future nameplates that fit Cadillac’s -iq naming strategy, including Ascendiq, Optiq, and Symboliq, along with Vistiq, Lumistiq, and Escalade IQL.

In 2020 GM laid out its EV plans. The roadmap for Cadillac included the Lyriq and Celestiq flagship, plus an attainable SUV akin to the XT4, a “globally sized” three-row SUV, and a full-size SUV inspired by the Escalade.

Start of Cadillac Lyriq production at General Motors' Spring Hill Manufacturing plant

Start of Cadillac Lyriq production at General Motors’ Spring Hill Manufacturing plant

Lyriq production ramps up

Harvey wouldn’t comment on the Lyriq’s slow ramp, but said it was purposeful to catch issues early in production.

The executive confirmed a software issue arose with the Lyriq early in production and that slowed things.

Harvey said Cadillac by the end of this week will have shipped 1,000 Lyriqs in the last 30 days, and the run rate will continue to ramp.

Cadillac currently plans to have all Debut Edition Lyriqs delivered by the end of the first quarter. Harvey said some 2023 orders will be pushed to the 2024 model year.

Harvey also affirmed that production of the Celestiq will kick off in December.

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