Video: Nissan validates Ariya durability with extreme testing

To ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind, Nissan conducted thorough durability tests on the Ariya electric coupe-crossover for a period of three years, evaluating the vehicle’s performance across 5,000 parameters.

The tests, which simulated diverse and challenging conditions from around the world, were designed to ensure that the Ariya would be able to handle any situation it might encounter.

Leveraging its extensive knowledge and experience with EVs, as well as customer data from the LEAF, Nissan’s experts recreated harsh terrains and difficult conditions to thoroughly evaluate the Ariya’s durability in various real-world situations.

Administered by a team of over 500 experts at Nissan’s Tochigi test course in Japan, these tests also considered both daytime and post-nightfall conditions that drivers could potentially face. Collectively the rigorous and lengthy durability testing ensures Nissan can offer both drivers and passengers an exciting EV experience with zero compromise on performance.

Blagojce Krivevski

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