VinFast Recalls 2,781 VF8 Sports Utility Vehicles Due to Front Brake Issue

Vietnam’s electric vehicle maker VinFast has announced a recall of 2,781 of its sports utility model VF8, sold in the domestic market, to check and replace the bolt connecting the front brake caliper to the knuckle.

The company said that due to a specific component assembly item, the bolt connecting the front caliper to the knuckle may loosen when the vehicle is in operation, potentially reducing the effectiveness of the front brake.

VinFast is now gearing up to expand in the United States, where it hopes to compete with legacy automakers. In November last year, it started shipping its first 999 VF8s and plans to deliver them this month. The company said it would immediately correct the tightening torque for those 999 VF8s shipped to the United States.

VinFast has delivered over 4,000 EVs to customers domestically in December, more than half of which were the sports utility VF8 model. As of December last year, the company secured 55,000 orders globally, of which 12,000 are from the US market.

The company has assured its customers that it has not recorded any breakdowns or complaints about the loosen bolt that may cause trouble to the brake. VinFast said that the issue is relatively simple, and the tightening torque can be corrected quickly without affecting the delivery timeline.

[source: Reuters]

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