VinFast unveils VF 3 small electric SUV and VF Wild electric pickup concept at CES

Vietnamese EV maker VinFast officially launched of its latest electric model, the VF 3 all-electric mini SUV for global markets.

The VF 3 combines practicality, creativity, and style to ignite new joy and inspire personal realization, and spark creativity among its drivers.

The VF 3 features a seamless balance of robust geometric blocks and sleek lines, creating an aesthetically pleasing exterior designed to enhance its owner’s personality. In addition, the ample ground clearance and 16-inch wheels underscore the vehicle’s sturdy and practical design and its capacity to navigate different types of terrains.

The car’s interior embraces a minimalist approach, providing ample space and incorporating essential smart features for a comfortable and convenient driving experience.

As a mini-eSUV, the VF 3 boasts a well-proportioned footprint for effortless city navigation. With an overall dimension of approximately L125.6 x W66.1 x H63.8 (inch) and a target estimate of driving range of over 125 miles per full charge, this practical four-seater delivers comfort while maintaining optimal maneuverability, empowering drivers to confidently navigate city streets.

Other functions and entertainment features also come standard to accommodate the daily lives of city drivers. This includes an advanced 10-inch-screen infotainment system fitted with Android Auto and Apple Carplay, to help keep both drivers and passengers connected and entertained, while full folding second-row seats allow for the expansion of cargo space (total capacity of 550 liters), making the car ready for spontaneous adventures.

Six months after its initial debut in Vietnam, VinFast is now launching the mini-SUV globally. The global debut not only demonstrates VinFast’s unwavering dedication to R&D but also signifies the company’s significant progress in expanding its electric vehicle lineup at a global scale and commitment to promoting a fully electrified transportation landscape and democratizing sustainable mobility globally.

At CES 2024, VinFast also unveiled its new electric vehicle concept – the VF Wild. The concept car is VinFast’s first attempt for a pickup truck, exemplifying VinFasts commitment to broadening its product range and promoting sustainable mobility by making smart, safe, exciting electric vehicles accessible to everyone.

The VF Wild concept highlights VinFasts innovative efforts to create a pickup truck with exceptional performance, catering to the new generation of consumers looking for innovation and eco-friendliness without compromising on performance and durability.

With an overall length of 209 inches (5324mm) and a width of 79 inches (1997mm), VF Wild’s dimensions place it in the mid-size pickup category. This efficiently packaged mid-size footprint is further enhanced by VF Wild’s flexible bed size. The vehicle combines the practicality of a power-folding mid-gate to provide a class-leading bed length designed to expand from 5 to 8 feet with the rear seats folded down automatically, equipping the VF Wild with the largest bed in its segment. With the functionality of the expanding bed, work and play can be done in style and comfort. The design also integrates a panoramic glass roof and digital side mirrors to improve aerodynamics.

The VF Wild concept was jointly developed by VinFast and Australian design studio GoMotiv. The design, developed over 8,000 hours and involving many designers, boasts a striking “Fluid Dynamism” aesthetic that is uniquely designed for the VF Wild concept, inspired by the flowing motion of a superhero’s cape in the wind.

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