Volkswagen Recalls 21,000 ID.4 Vehicles For Possible Software Problems

Volkswagen is recalling roughly 21,000 ID.4 electric SUVs due to potential software issues that could result in a drive failure.

The recall affects 20,904 ID.4 vehicles manufactured between May 26, 2020 and January 20, 2022, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s documentation. The issues were first noticed in July 2021. Despite determining that the steering and braking functions were unaffected, Volkswagen continued to investigate. In January 2022, VW’s supplier informed the company that the pulse inverter software also had faults that could cause stalling.

Volkswagen stated that under certain circumstances, the management software may reset and deactivate the pulse inverter during the process, causing power to the electric motor to be cut off.

Newer ID.4 EVs already have newer software version and are therefore not affected by the recall.

Dealers and vehicle owners will be informed of the recall by March 31, 2023. To resolve the issue, Volkswagen will update the software for both the high-voltage battery management control unit and the pulse inverter.

[source: Carscoops]

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