World Leaders Bring Back Electric Cars


The fate of electric cars seems to be sparking still and not completely gone. This is primarily because soon enough, electric cars would again be on the streets and roads. Well, not exactly for every day use and for ownership, but at least, they would be used by world leaders of leading industrialized countries and democracies. Maybe there is hope, after all.

These leaders would include those who lead countries like the United States, Russia, Britain, France, Japan, Germany, Canada, as well as Italy. They would be using the electric cars during the G8 Summit. This summit would be held this summer, July 15th to the 17th in St. Petersburg, Russia. GEM electric vehicles would be the ones to be used by these country leaders. And in part of such a big event, the government of Russia under the supervision of their president, Vladimir Putin, took part of the budget to purchase thirty GEM electric vehicles which could take in four passengers inside its cabin – these vehicles are also called as e4. They also made sure that each of the vehicles is personalized. They would be putting the participating country’s official logo as well as flag on the GEM electric vehicle.

GEM and e4 vehicles are created Global Electric Motors, LLC. Rick Kasper is its president and chief operating officer. He states, “GEM electric vehicles will offer the participating leaders with an environmentally-friendly transportation option while attending the G8 summit. It is an honor for GEM to be participating in this important international event for the second time.” Indeed, the first time GEM took part in such a grand event was back in 2004 during that year’s G8 Summit which was held in Sea Island, Georgia.

What is good about GEM electric vehicles is that it has zero emissions. It also is clean and provides a ride that is quiet and very efficient. It also is affordable compared to using the usual kinds of vehicles.


Source by Joe Thompson

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