ZEEKR 009 electric MPV enters series production

ZEEKR, the premium electric mobility brand from Geely Holding Group, has launched series production of its second model, the all-electric van ZEEKR 009.

The ZEEKR 009 is ZEEKR’s second production model and it is a full-sized electric MPV which was available for purchase from November 1st, 2022. It comes with two different trim options, and is priced at 499,000 yuan (about $73,650) and 588,000 yuan (about $86,800) respectively.

Similar to the 001, the 009 is equipped with a powerful 400 kW 4WD system and offers two battery options: one with 116 kWh capacity and another with 140 kWh capacity. The 001, in comparison, had battery options of 86 and 100 kWh. Depending on the battery choice, the car’s maximum range, as per Chinese standards, is estimated to be between 702 and 822 kilometers.

The ZEEKR 009 is capable of delivering peak torque of 686 Nm and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds.

The first ZEEKR 009 rolled off the production line🎉 pic.twitter.com/xCq2Y3uhiR

— Geely Group (@GeelyGroup) January 9, 2023

ZEEKR is the first electric car manufacturer to utilize CATL’s latest cell-to-pack battery technology, called Qilin batteries, which were introduced in June 2022. The 009 will feature Qilin batteries from the beginning of its production.

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